Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Social Worker

I was contacted today by our new social worker that will do a home study addendum for us since we've moved into a new home. I asked her what she was looking for and she told me that she would look through the house to make sure there was enough space to take in another child and then mentioned it would also say something about "the baby" and if he/she was healthy. I told her there were "babies" instead of baby and first thing was "Congratulations!" She was also excited to hear we were continuing with the adoption.

I wanted to post this b/c I've had several people contact me about our situation - adopting with newborns in the home. Many agencies have told couples they have to wait until the baby is a year, some say 6 months and all of these are telling their clients it's a China rule. As far as we know, it's not that. It's up to the agency. Our agency is aware that we have new babies in the home and are just fine with it as long as we still meet all the requirements for adopting from China.

We've decided to wait about a month before she comes giving us more time to get settled into our house. She said that didn't really matter to her but she understood why we preferred to get unpacked. I also want to try to work on Madelyn's room and have more in it besides a twin bed, changing table and the few items I've collected for her stored in her closet. I still can't decide if she's getting Logan's crib and furniture he had as a baby or if that will remain in the twin's room. I want her room perfect since she will be my only girl that I have a room to decorate for.

One Year Ago

My time to blog has deminished lately since having the twins, but I wanted to write a quick entry while they are fed and are taking a short nap.

One year ago tomorrow started a series of days I would never want to repeat again. It's days I would never want to see anyone go through. March 31st last year goes down as a day I'll never forget but it wasn't the worst of all the upcoming days shortly after.

Around 4 pm 3/31/05 I sat in the OB waiting room with Tony, Logan and his babysitter (or who he called his girlfriend at the time). We were waiting our turn to find out the sex of the baby I was carrying and to hear the good words "everything looks great." We took Logan so he could see for himself if he was having a baby sister or baby brother and took "A" with us to help watch him. We never expected to hear that something was wrong and at that point we didn't know what. We left in tears not knowing anything except our baby had stopped growing and had little fluid. We were filled with ideas of birth defects and other problems.

I'm not going to share the entire horrible next few days. I've shared on the blog how our daughter Reagan died. This anniversary is coming up this next week. She was born and died April 6, 2005. I plan on making a trip sometime in the next week to visit her gravesite with all the boys and placing new flowers on her grave.

Reagan changed our lives forever. I would love to have her here, but at the same time she has been our angel and has brought us a new life we would never have had. Before conceiving her we had considered adoption and had all the different agencies paperwork we had researched. I'm not sure if we would ever have continued with the adoption if she had survived. AND I know we would never have Nate and Andrew here with us now if she had survived. If someone had told me last year at this time I would have three children in 2006, I would have laughed in their faces.

Many people say there's a reason for everything and most of the time I have a hard time believing this b/c I want to know what that reason is. Did God have other plans for us by taking Reagan early? Did he know we would try to bring home a child that needed a home from another country? To humor us, does he know we can handle twins plus another child along with Logan?

When I said the boys were taking a short nap, well, it was really short. It was only the length of time I was able to write this entry.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Me and My Three Sons

August DTC Secret Pal Revealed

All my wonderful gifts from my August Pal was from the "Infamous Weber Family." That's how it was titled on my letter from them and I thought that was cute so that's what I'm calling them. Their names are John, Kristian, Emily, Madison, and Grace. This past Christmas I received a card with their photo but they didn't sign their names - only August DTC Secret Pal on it. They are definitely a beautiful family with three precious girls. All of the girls had on matching dresses and were just darling.

This time I received some beautiful OshKosh clothing for Madelyn and the twins.
Logan received a "toob" of EAA aircraft toys. No photo attached b/c they are currently spread over living room floor as well as the pieces to the airplane puzzle.

Kristian also mentioned to me her nickname is Kricket so I told my friend Kricket this last night. Both of them have had major back surgeries and both of them had three daughters. You two should talk. I'm sure you have lots in common as well.

Thanks again secret pal and I look forward to talking to you later. Thanks for sending your email address.

Friday, March 24, 2006

From the CCAA website....

The CCAA has finished the review of the adoption application documents registered with our office before August 31, 2005.

The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before May 25, 2005.

Woohoo!!! Ours will be reviewed next.

a little update....

I've been able to get THREE nights this week now with some rest. Kricket spent the night again last night and a lady from our new church spent the night the night before last. I feel like a different person. (Feel - not look - two different things).

Looks like CCAA has reviewed dossiers up through end of August LID's. That would mean ours is next in line since we have LID 9/9. The next referrals are covering through end of May (almost - I've heard 25th and 30th so not sure which day it is). So, could this mean we'll have a referral by June or July? Hum? We'll see....guess I better send off the money soon for our updated homestudy.

Here's a quick snapshot I took this morning of the boys. Logan loves showing off his baby brothers and he ALWAYS adds in there "Madelyn is not here. She's still in China."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

September DTC Secret Pal Swap has ended

I wanted to post the email I received from my secret pal today - Robin Magana.

Dear Melissa and Family...
We received our box of dining supplies for the baby. What a great idea! The sippy cups, bowls, and enough bibs to last many days!!! And the little books are so darn cute!Thank you for always remembering my other 2 children. They get so excited each time your box arrives. You really made them feel like this journey is about them too!You have been so generous to us and everything you have sent was something I would have picked. It has been so enjoyable waiting each month for such nice surprises. Your gifts have softened the agony of waiting. When we received the little pink outfit you sent it hit home that we REALLY were going to have a baby girl in the house! I will think of you each time Lauren wears it and remember the days of longing to hold her and how excited I got when I pulled it out of the box. Ironically, I have a pink outfit VERY similiar that was given to me while I waited for Mikayla 10 years ago. I get teary eyed everytime I pull it out of the box. It was touching that I received another one for Lauren.Thank you again for all of the love and thought you put into making this exchange so special for us. May God bless you and your family as you wait for your little one! I will be following your blog closely.Warmest regards,Robin Magana and Family

I've been sending her gifts every month since November. This email made me feel so special. Too bad the exchange ended but we originally anticipated referrals by now. I was really enjoying buying gifts each month for the theme given to us. This month didn't have a theme but I chose a dining theme since we had not done anything like that and I sent cups, bowls and bibs (as mentioned in the email sent).

To Robin (if you're reading) - I enjoyed being your secret pal and I am so delighted to have met you through the September DTC group. Maybe one day we'll meet in person or better yet, in China. Can't wait to share referral photos with you.

I LIKE YOU, I really, really like you!!!

Top Ten Reasons Geeks make Good Fathers

This is wholly swiped from Welcome to My World

1. LEGOS. The Geek is really more of a Man-Child than an adult. In their minds, they are still 10. They freakin' still love to play with their legos, and have never grown up. I have one friend, WHO WILL REMAIN NAMELESS, that still has legos in his room. He doesn't have kids. Just legos. Of course, my children love legos and Steve will lovingly spend hours playing legos with them.

2. VIDEO GAMES. Due to the whole Man-Child thing as stated in #1, the Geek loves video games. And he's good at them too. My husband is the hit of all the kids' friends because not only can he talk video games, he plays them too. If my children get "stuck" while playing their Gameboys and bring it to me for assistance, all I can do is feebly hold it and say " Mommy doesn't know how to play this." Daddy, however, can beat the game.

3. MATH. A huge plus here. No matter how old they get, Steve can still help with the math homework. My ability to be of assistance is going to last another few years before *I* end up throwing the math homework across the room in disgust.

4. SMART KIDS. Smart Geeks make smart children. Although for the most part, it's great to have really intelligent children, when your just turned two year old is using the word PREPOSTEROUS correctly, it makes for some difficult times as they get older. I literally spend a large part of my time scheming to stay one step ahead of my oldest child.

5. UP ON TECHNOLOGY. The beautiful thing about having a Geek for a parent is that you aren't wondering what your children are doing online. You *KNOW* what they are doing online and you can limit it if necessary.
It's fabulous peace of mind.

6. SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS. Children of the Geeks always have the coolest science fair projects. And you don't have to cajole your Geek into helping. You'll find him fiddling around with the science materials whether you asked him to help or not.

7. TOY ASSEMBLY. You will never, ever have to spend six hours of your life, that you will never get back, trying to assemble some 2,000 piece toy at 3 am on Christmas Eve again. The Geek can do it in minutes flat. Usually without the directions. Whereas I have tried to assemble toys and said "Mommy has to go to the bathroom" just so I could escape and scream into my pillow in frustration, if the Geek is around, he can take it right off your hands. I now just say "Daddy is really good at this, let's wait until he gets home."

8. GADGETS. Never again will you have to wonder what that new electronic toy is that all the kids have. In fact, your Geek will probably already own it. The problem arises when the Geek won't share with the children. "Daddy, I want a digital camera." After the child leaves the room: "I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on a digital camera for him, he's too young." I say "Let's get him a cheap one." Steve looks at me as if I just said Aliens are invited to dinner. " To have it take crappy pictures?" He scoffs and walks away in disgust. No sub-par electronics in this house! How dare I suggest it.

9. SMART IS COOL. Having a Geek for a father instills the message into your children that smart is cool. They idolize Daddy. Hopefully, they'll want to grow up to be just like him.

10. BEING IDOLIZED IS GOOD FOR YOUR GEEK. Course, you have to be careful that his head doesn't get TOO BIG. That's why I blog. Gotta keep his ego in check SOMEHOW.

This person must have hidden cameras up in our house.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New August DTC Secret Pal

On our August DTC list, the secret pal exchange ended. A new one was started since we're all still waiting on our referral's. Today I received a package from my new secret pal.

The theme this time was ABC - something starting with each letter.

Thanks Secret Pal. Tony will probably start on the book asap. He's the big reader in this family.

Fastest Weight Loss Plan Ever

Today I had a visit with a physical therapy facility regarding my back. I've had back pain practically since the beginning of the pregnancy with the twins and was seeing doctors and therapist for several weeks before delivery. I went back today b/c I'm still aching in my back. They wanted to weight me and normally I wouldn't be interested in seeing the scale but today I was curious that I even asked if they were going to weigh me. The difference from 2/28 which was three days before delivery and today (3 weeks since 2/28) was 52 pounds. OMG! That's a lot! I wouldn't normally share that with anyone but no wonder I had such horrible back pain. Logan only weighs 36 pounds and I can't carry him more than five minutes. How did I manage that much extra weight with the twins? My back will never be the same I'm afraid. I know that wasn't all in my belly but the majority of that was. I've still got some more to lose from the pregnancy but 52 is a good start for only 18 days post partum. When the two doctors I saw today asked how much the babies weighed at birth they both were amazed at the total birthweight. They knew I was miserable and aching all over and tried their best to give me some relief. Hopefully they'll be able to "fix" me back up and I'll feel much better soon. I've got a trip to China to plan and I need to be 100% by then.

Monday, March 20, 2006


I've had very little sleep for months now. For several months I was miserable huge with the pregnancy and just couldn't sleep for not being able to get comfortable or having to get up and go to the bathroom constanly through the night. Since having the babies, I've been able to get a little more sleep only b/c it's painfree but since they are on a three hour eating schedule, it's been tough to get sleep at night uninterrupted and can't get sleep during the day b/c I'm home with Logan. Last night, Kricket stayed over and fed the babies all their feedings with formula. I am nursing them but I took a break so I could get some sleep for one night. I did get up and pump milk around 3 am and thought I'd sleep upstairs with all of them so I could hear them get up for the next feeding but I never woke up to hear Andrew ready to eat again. For me to sleep through a crying baby or any noise at that, I'm definitely tired. Normally a pin dropping on the floor wakes me up. I did stay up after that though and feed Nate and I was so refreshed I didn't bother trying to go back to sleep even though I had the chance. I got up, showered, and felt the best I've felt in days. This will all change again but I at least got one really good night's rest.

Those last few hours of my sleep when I went upstairs, I laid down in Madelyn's room. I temporarily setup a twin bed in her room for guests but it will soon have her crib and other belongings in there. Of course I thought of her and tried to picture how I want her room set up but I just haven't had time to get around to making my first "girlie" room. Kricket brought over girl clothes last night when she came. Madelyn already has a good collection started. I can't wait to find out how much she weighs so I can start focusing more on what sizes to buy for the right seasons. She is going to be one spoiled little girl (of course all the kids here are).

Friday, March 17, 2006

Big Brother/Little Brother

These shirts will still be true when Madelyn arrives. I doubt the twins will still fit in their shirts though once she gets here.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thank you Scott, Karen and Gwen for our new chairs. We love them. Can't you tell how comfy we can make ourselves in them? Remind mom to take off the tags b/c otherwise she'll leave them on for a few weeks like she did the new living room furniture. I think we erased all of her brain cells the past 8 months. Love, Nathaniel and Andrew Hooker Posted by Picasa

Prayer Request

When I hear of stories like this, I can't help but remember my past and know I'm so lucky to have my twin sons home and healthy and to also have a very, energectic 3 year old son. Please check out this link and say a prayer for this family. I've never met them but the mother is a member of the Multiples club I recently joined. There's definitely nothing more painful than the loss of a child.

Outfits from my August DTC Secret Pal

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Look Alikes

This evening Nate wanted to stay awake during Logan's bedtime routine so I carried him upstairs to tell Logan goodnight. I sat him down in the recliner we bought while pregnant with Logan for a few seconds so I could have some empty hands and as soon as I did, I immediately saw the resemblance between Logan and Nate. I kinda thought it all along but when I saw Nate sitting there, it brought back memories of Logan sitting in that recliner. Here's photos of the two of them.

This is Nate. He has more hair than Logan did.

This is Logan. I don't know what age Logan was in this photo but at least under 6 weeks of age. Nate is 9 days old in the photo above.

As for Andrew, I still don't know who he looks like.

My Three Sons

Nathaniel, Logan and Andrew Hooker

A New Week Has Begun

One of the first things I have in email this morning is this link. I don't remember what grade or age I was when I memorized this psalm but I'm thankful I had Sunday School teachers to teach me things like this. It's definitely an inspiration, great reminder of all I believe in.

Normally we would be getting ready for church and heading out this morning to Sunday School and Preaching, but for the past few weeks we've missed out due to moving, then I couldn't make it out the weekend after for being in so much pain due to the pregnancy, and last week the twins were here and we were in the hospital. They are still on orders to not leave home so again we're here but to tell you the truth, if I tried to go today, I'd probably fall asleep listening to the teacher and preacher.

Have I mentioned how fortunate we are that the twins only had a short NICU stay? To be born at 34 weeks, their stay was very short compared to many 34 weekers. Andrew really didn't need NICU. It was hospital policy that under 35 weeks goes to NICU so he only stayed one night. Nathaniel's blood sugars were not stable and he was a lazy eater so that required a longer stay for him. Again, we are so blessed to have these healthy babies home with us.

I've actually been able to get more sleep the past 9 days the twins have been here than before. I was so uncomfortable carrying them that I couldn't sleep at all. Even when given a sleeping pill by my doctors, the pain overrode the pill and I still remained awake all night long. Now, sleep is easy to do but the time for it is gone.

Nate and Andrew eat every 3 hours or less. They go through spells where I can feed one, then feed the other and then the first one is hungry again immediately if he can even wait long enough for his brother to finish. The nights are really wearing us down. I am nursing them but we still have to supplement with a bottle sometimes.

I love my three sons and my soon-to-be daughter more than anything else in the world. They are what I've worked so hard for in the past 7 years. Seven years is a long time , but then again how many people have four kids in seven years? Finally, the end to infertility and pregnancy loss comes to an end. Madelyn will be here this year and our family will be complete.

Logan loves his baby brothers so much and always wants to touch them. Several times now he's mentioned going to China. Lots of people have said he would be jealous but so far that hasn't set in. I'm sure it will but for now he loves his brothers so much. I know the same will go for his sister too.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Missing Us?

Not sure. Looks like he's having a great time with Natasha. Can you tell Logan is sick? Unfortunately he still has a slight fever so he's not home with us yet. I'm missing him so much. I've never been without Logan for this long. I'm hoping tomorrow his fever will be gone or maybe even by this evening and he can come home and we can all be a family again. If it wasn't for having preemies in the house he would be home but we really don't want Nate and Andrew getting sick. I can't wait to have all three of my sons all under the same roof again.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

These past few weeks have been the busiest weeks of our lives. Will life ever slow down?

Last night Logan began running a fever. He had fallen asleep on the couch which was not usual for him. Around 7 I decided to wake him and got him to cuddle in my arms. When he cuddled with me like a newborn baby, I knew something was wrong. I thought earlier in the day he felt hot and this time was no different. I took his temperature and got 100 degrees. Tony got him upstairs and changed and he slept until this morning.

Even though the fever broke, Tony wanted to take him to the pediatrician today just to make sure he was okay to be around the newborns. The fever is gone but he has lots of other cold symptoms that his doctor recommended he stay away for 4 days at least from the babies. Not only this, he's back up in his bowels again. We had to give him an enema at home. It would be at the time our water was cut off to the house due to a water leak down the road. He also needs his tonsils removed.

Kricket is saving the day (weekend). She has taken Logan into her home again. I feel so sorry for them b/c he's going to be pooping all weekend from the laxatives he's on. We went through this earlier when we moved into the apartment. It's a mess. I know there's stains in the apartment carpet we couldn't get up from poop accidents.

I am giving myself the Mommy of the Day award though today. I managed all by myself 6 days post partum to take both Nate and Andrew to the pediatrician after Logan got back. It's my first adventure out not pregnant. It's amazing how much more room I have between me and the steering wheel now. No more big belly!!! Double Snap N Go strollers are the BEST! I'm glad I got that recommendation from the Multiples club I joined. The car seats snap right on and the stroller is very light weight. The doctor said I scared her coming in with those babies all by myself barely out of the hospital. My back is in so much pain after all that.

While there I had my blood pressure checked. Since giving birth I've had high bp so my OB office told me today to have the pediatrician office check it while there. It was 134/96. Not too bad but that bottom number isn't that great either. I've got to call this in later and see if I have to keep my OB appt now. I hope not b/c I'll have to take the twins with me.

Update on the Twins....they are doing great. Both have lost weight but within normal range. They go back in 2 weeks. They slept the entire ride there and back. I fed them a little while at the dr's office. They only cried while on the scale probably b/c they were stripped down to nothing and neither of them like to be naked.

I miss Logan so much. We only had him back two nights before he had to go off again. We had no other choice though but to send him somewhere else. He's missing preschool also.

I haven't heard back from my mom yet but I think my grandfather's funeral is Saturday with receiving friends Friday evening. I'm doubtful I'll go. It really does bother me that I can't go. When I was pregnant with Logan, my uncle died. I had just been placed on bedrest with high blood pressure and could not travel. I can't take the twins out in public yet b/c they are preemies and do not need to be exposed to sicknesses. I can't even have my own son in my house so I surely can't be around lots of other people with them. I also can't see leaving them for several hours to travel.

It's feeding time again. After that, I'm thinking nap time and not just for the babies but for ME.

Madelyn's 100 Good Wishes Quilt

A few months ago I gave up on sewing Madelyn's 100 Good Wishes Quilt and decided to send off 100 different squares to someone else to sew together for me. I just got a link to the work in progress. I'm so excited about it. It's being sewn/quilted together by Cheryl's Quilts. I didn't send enough of the black fabric but she's willing to pick some up for me. I've kinda got my hands full right now with the boys and not getting out of the house at this time. She's also expecting an April baby and that's how we met.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just Taken

Sad News

I just got a call that my grandfather passed away at home. I don't know all the details yet. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about attending the funeral since I'm home with 5 day old preemie babies. I need to be there but at the same time my babies can't be around other people. Please say a prayer for my family.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hooker Twins are Home

I've been trying to post photos of the new Hooker's but blogger is having some problems. I'll try again tomorrow. The boys are keeping us busy that's for sure. Logan absolutely loves them. He wants to help with everything. He's already a great big brother and is already talking about it being time to go to China now for his sister.

Homeward Bound!!!

Bridget here again.... Melissa called me a few minutes ago. They are in the car on their way home - all of them, including both babies!!! Yay!!! The babies have to be kept from crowds and whatnot for about four weeks due to their health and not being that strong yet, so please don't be offended if you are not invited over to see them right away. There will be plenty of time to see them, I assure you, and the wait will totally be worth it!! I'm taking Logan back to their house after he wakes from his nap. Melissa and Tony miss him so much. He's gonna stay with them tonight and I'll just go up every day and help as needed. More than likely she'll just need me to clean the house, which I'll be happy to do.

Anyway, that's the update I have for you. You'll be hearing from Melissa and/or Tony themselves real soon. Thank you again for all the prayers!!!

Welcome home, Nathaniel and Andrew!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Late night update from Tony

Melissa's back pain is still there, but getting better. She was formally discharged today, but Is staying over at least one extra night to be with the boys.

Andrew is doing very well, eating well more than the 1oz minimum at every feeding. He is scheduled to be formally discharged tomorrow. Oh, and he passed the Carseat Test.

However, Both Mom and Andrew will likely be staying over Monday night because Nathaniel is still in NICU. This is all dependent on Room Availability of course. They have a program where if there are available rooms, And the child is still not discharged, Mom can stay up to 2 days per kid. Melissa won't be getting any medical attention via the hospital staff, but the boys will be and nurses will also be on hand to help with Feeding, nursing, etc.

Nathaniel is having problems eating. It generally takes him the whole 30 mins allotted to eat his 1oz, and even then he barely finishes it. He is still loosing weight, I think they said he is down to 6 lbs 2 oz or 6 lbs 3 oz. (Birthweight was 6 lbs 10 oz) He will be tested for Jaundice at his 5am feeding, so we should know something tomorrow. If he starts eating better, that will prevent/correct the jaundice.

So right now, Odds are that none of the three will be home Monday night, but At least Andrew and Melissa should be home Tuesday night. There is still a chance of Nathaniel being home then, but it all depends on how well he eats, and if he starts gaining weight. Right now, I think he is burning more calories trying to eat than he takes in.

Oh, And I'm headed off to work tomorrow. I only have a limited number of days off right now, and I want to save them for the days when Melissa is here with All 3 boys and no assistance, or days when I have to help her herd everyone to doctor's appts, etc.

more pictures...

Bridget here again - Just got back from the hospital again. Andrew is out of NICU and with Melissa now, as Tony said already. I took a few pictures (if you count 48 a few) of Melissa and Tony and Logan with Andrew. While there I didn't get a chance to see Nathaniel, but I'm sure I'll see him soon enough. I was blessed with the experience of holding Andrew for the first time and let me tell you - it.was.incredible!!! Naturally, I couldn't help but start to cry a bit. I also witnessed his feeding. Melissa is working on getting her milk in, so I didn't take pictures of that. And to be sure he gets enough to eat in the meantime, Andrew is also bottlefed. That part I did take pictures of. So there are a few more pictures on my Flickr box via my blog. I maxed out my upload capacity on it for the month already!!! I might just have to open another account just for the twins!! It's all worth it though. Anyway, I picked out a few of my favorites to post for your enjoyment. The pictures don't do Andrew justice. He is just absolutely precious beyond all words known to man. Shakespeare would be hard pressed to describe these twins and do them justice.

Keep those prayers coming please! We want to see Nathaniel get out of NICU tomorrow so that he can come home by Tuesday! Wouldn't that be awsome? I know it's really taking a toll on Melissa being away from Logan for so long. So please keep her in your prayers as well. When I got there, Melissa was walking upright without any help. She also looks so much more relaxed. I think she looks beautiful. Her back is still hurting, but not near as bad as it was. She still has some pills to take but I didn't ask for details as I figured it wasn't any of my business.

So that's the update from me for the night. Thank you all for the support and prayers you are sending Tony and Melissa's way. What a ride they have been on!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Andrew is out of NICU!

(For once, This is actually Tony, rather than Bridget posting updates for us. :)

It's been a long day.

Andrew was doing well enough that he got moved out of NICU, and is in the room with Melissa. He's eating from a bottle well, and trying to nurse pretty well at the 8:00 feeding.

Nate is still doing a bit worse than Andrew, but still remarkably well for a baby who came out that early. He is off the IV, and as long as his blood sugar stays good overnight he may be out of NICU tomorrow.

It is possible that they will Clear Andrew and Melissa to come home tomorrow, but if Nate is still in NICU, she may have the option to stay another night. I'm fairly certain she will take that option if it is available.

More updates tomorrow, probably via Bridget until I get home (or all 4 of us get home) tomorrow night.

I know a lot of you have commented to wish us well, but all the moderation goes via Melissa's email acct, so it might be a while before those show up. Don't worry the comments aren't lost, just on hold for a little bit.

Saturday morning update

Bridget here again! I spoke to Tony this morning to get an update on the babies and Melissa. Great news is that Melissa was able to attempt to nurse Andrew this morning! I haven't heard how it went but at least they are able to hold him and he's eating well. Nathaniel is still in NICU with an IV. He is having problems with his blood sugar so the doctors are trying to get that under control. Please keep praying for baby Nate. Tony hasn't been able to hold Nate yet. I think, if I remember correctly, Melissa did hold him yesterday for a minute or two. I don't know if he's eating well from a bottle or not.

Melissa is still suffering massive back pain. It is making it extremely difficult for her to stand and walk. She has to have assistance for that. I spoke with Tony about this since I know firsthand about back problems (one spine surgery, metal implants, permanent nerve damage - I'm pretty knowledgable on this). Tony is going to speak to her doctor about getting that MRI or CT scan done on her spine as soon as possible. I told him if I need to, I'll go in myself and have a talk with that doctor. Gonna make sure that our Melissa is well taken care of so that she can take care of her babies and Logan.

I won't be able to see Melissa today due to new medication I had to start yesterday. It affects my coordination so I can't safely drive. I should be good to go tomorrow so I'll get more pictures then. Melissa might be released from the hospital tomorrow - yay! I'll keep everyone updated as I get information. Hopefully you'll be able to hear from Tony or Melissa themselves soon. Again, they thank you all for your prayers and moral support. They are extremely appreciative.
May God bless this day with miracles and advancements for Melissa and the twins.

Friday, March 03, 2006

There are pictures to be seen!

Hey all! Bridget here, yet again. Just got back from the hospital. The babies are GORGEOUS!!! I dont know how to post pictures here on their site, so I posted them on my flickr account. Go over to my site and click on the Flickr box on the side. I'm sure Tony and Melissa will post pictures here too when they get a chance. Please continue to pray for the babies and Melissa. Her back pain is not any better - there is concern of a possible disc herniation due to numbness down her left leg to her toes. She can't stand on her own without immense pain. Other than that, she's doing good. I'm so proud of her. Tony and Melissa did a great job bringing in two more beautiful boys to this world.

Congratulations, Tony, Melissa, and Logan.

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel and Andrew!!!


Hey everyone! Bridget here again, posting on behalf of Tony and Melissa. Tony called me not two minutes ago to tell me and his son Logan (who is in my care at the moment) that the babies have arrived!!!

Nathaniel was born first, weighing in at 6 pounds 9 ounces. Apgar score for the first minute was 6 and for the five minute mark was 9. He has more hair than his brother.

Andrew was born shortly after, weighing in at 5 pounds 10 ounces. His apgar score for the first minute was 8 and for the five minute mark 9.

Both babies have been moved to NICU for a short period of time, however they are both extremely healthy with strong lungs and doing wonderfully! No csection was performed and Melissa came out of this delivery in MUCH better shape than when she had Logan. Melissa is in recovery right now and will be moved to her room shortly. Tony is going to call me when it's time for me to take Logan up to meet his new brothers. I have to stop by their house first to pick up some things that were forgotten in the hustle and bustle of this morning's excitement. I'm bringing my digital camera as well as theirs, so there will be tons of pictures very soon!!

Tony and Melissa wish to thank you all for your continuing support and prayers. They appreciate it all. Right now they are basking in the prescence of their new sons so I'm not sure when you will receive a personal post by one of them. Hopefully soon. I will be sure to update on their behalf until they are able to do so.

Congratulations, Tony and Melissa and Logan!

And welcome to our world, Nathaniel and Andrew! You are in for quite a ride, filled with love and joy! God bless this family!!

Here comes the babies!!!!!!

Hey everyone! This is Bridget posting on behalf of Tony. Melissa has gone in to labor. The contractions started last night and he took her in to the hospital this morning. Currently, their son Logan is with me so he is being well care for, and is very excited about his new brothers coming. I am posting regular updates over on my blog for everyone.

Tony just called me about 10 minutes ago to let me know she is currently at 7 centimeters and they have wheeled her into the operating room as a precaution. I will continue to post updates on my blog as I get them. Please keep Melissa and the babies in your prayers. She is only 35 weeks gestational so the babies might have to spend a day or two in NICU. Her labor with Logan was extremely nightmarish so let's pray together that this delivery is smooth, with everyone strong and healthy and no complications.

After the babies are born, I'll be taking Logan up to the hospital to see his new brothers. I'm bringing my digital camera along to take pictures and will ask Tony for permission to post them for your enjoyment.

The most adorable thing in the world? I told Logan that his mommy was at the hospital and the babies are coming out of her belly now. He just grinned from ear to ear and then said, "that means we have to go to China and get my sister too!" Can you say PRECIOUS???!

Again, please keep praying for Melissa and Tony, and especially those precious baby boys. Updates on my blog (linked above).

Congrats, Tony and Melissa! I'm so excited and can't wait to see my new nephews!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I couldn't wait another day

My September DTC Secret pal included these presents with the ones I opened yesterday. The card said to wait on the "purple" presents until March. Well, today is March so I couldn't wait any longer.

The play food is so adorable and so is everything else. There was a note with a jade necklace that I'll treasure forever. It reads....

Dear Mom,

I know sometimes it feels like you will never get to meet me because it is taking so long. But, I want you to remember that although I haven't seen your face or felt your heartbeat, I am already with you.

Through your secret pal, I have sent along this jade heart from China for you to wear around your neck to always remind you that even though we haven't met yet, you are already in my heart.

I am anxiously waiting to meet you and my new family.

Love, Madelyn

I had tears in my eyes reading this. I'll definitely wear the necklace.

My September Secret Pal is Samantha Bullock. She's really put lots of thought into all her gifts she has sent me. Thanks again, Samantha. I've really enjoyed being your secret pal.