Saturday, September 29, 2007

See anything wrong with these photos?


First thing wrong, nobody should need a stroller this big. However, we do. Second, who has to buy a trailer to haul a stroller places b/c their vehicle isn't big enough to put it inside b/c there are too many carseats? Oh, we do! Third, our garage isn't big enough to fit the Expedition with the trailer connected so we either are going to have leave the door up, don't park inside, or take the stroller off everytime I pull inside.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Anniversary to US!!

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10 Years Ago....

I was sleep deprived (probably not as much as these days)

I was anxious about the days events

I walked outside and laid down with my dog Lady and hugged her and talked to her like she knew everything I was saying even though she couldn't speak back

I was on a schedule, certain things had to be done at a certain time that day - hair, make-up, everything had to be perfect

I remember one of my friends losing her dyed green satin shoes

I remember Tony wanting to talk to me but I stuck with the "rules" and he wasn't going to see me before that special moment - no superstitions would ruin this for me

I remember the chaos as my friends and I made sure everything was just perfect

I remember walking down that isle and feeling beautiful, everyone was watching me, I was the center of attention.

I remember Tony reading a poem he had written just for me in front of all our family and friends that described the love he had for me and the dreams of having a lifelong commitment to each other

I remember the music, the solos, and the vows we wrote

I remember the tears of joy I shed

I remember the words "I DO".

Happy 10th Anniversary, Tony!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What do you get....

when you cross THREE One-year olds with THREE cupcakes?

We met up with other Families with Children from China today to celebrate Autumn Moon Festival. It was way too hot to be outside in the sun for a long time so we didn't stay that long. All the little girls were just darling. Madelyn was definitely one of the youngest there if not THE youngest. I stood in the food line in front of two men talking about their daughters and one traveled when we did and the other was two weeks ahead of us. If there was a girl there younger than Madelyn then she was already walking and just as big as Madelyn. We were not able to socialize due to chasing three tots but many had to walk by and comment on how our life must be really busy. They have no idea how busy.

In two weeks the FCC is going to a Pumpkin patch. Also, the same weekend the Moms of Multiples club I'm in is going to a different Pumpkin Patch. Do we make a better fit with the multiples club with our virtual triplets or with the groups of families that have traveled across the world to bring home cuties from China?

Friday, September 21, 2007

3 of my 4 Beautiful Children This Morning

I discovered while we were outside Madelyn can now climb the ladder to the clubhouse on the playground set. She made it to the last step before slipping. I caught her and she continued on up. She can climb ladders, she can climb onto the kitchen table but she still struggles to climb onto the couch.

Last night we weighed all of them at home to see how close they were in size. Nate came in at 27lbs and both Madelyn and Andrew were 26lbs.
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

If it ain't buffet, we ain't eating there....

After a short rest from Family Fun Day at Logan's school, we thought we would try to go out to eat as a family. We haven't all done this together in a long time. If we eat food from a restaurant it's either been take-out or from a buffet where we can feed the kids as soon as we walk through the door, but tonight we went to Applebee's. BAD IDEA!!!!!! We will no longer wait on food to be delivered to these children even though were were there at 4:30 before supper time, they demanded food right then. Luckily I had crackers and yogurt bites on me to tidy them for a little bit.

There was a fiasco with helium filled balloons at the door. Andrew and Nate HAD to have one. Nate even threw himself down on the floor and was kicking me as I picked him up b/c he didn't have a balloon. Once I get him to the table, I walked back to the host and begged for a balloon. Then Andrew had to have one. So I make my way back and grab the last balloon. Thank goodness Madelyn didn't want one.

Andrew couldn't stop yelling out loud. The only time he was quiet was when food was in his mouth. Nate and Andrew wouldn't take one hand off the string attached to the balloon the entire time. Madelyn wasn't so bad but she couldn't be still. She had to have a french fry one after another. Nate had ketchup from ear to ear. I had to separate the kids b/c they were making each other mad. Oh, and Logan talked loud b/c he thought he had to talk over the babies.

One couple was sat at the table beside us. They didn't sit there for even a minute before they got up and left. Our section became empty except for us. Everyone else was in the smoking section away from our loud table. At the end I even grabbed up the twins and walked out and said to Tony "meet you outside" b/c I couldn't take it anymore.

I did laugh once we got them all buckled back into the vehicle. Tony and I even stood outside the vehicle for a while and took a few minutes of peace and quiet before entering the vehicle of madness.

The soon-forgeting and forgiving parents we are, decided to drive to Target after that. What we're we thinking? I split off from Tony and let him do the shopping with just Madelyn in a cart and hit the toy isle with the boys b/c there was too much whining and screaming. I was hoping the site of toys would calm them down. NOPE! Once I met back up with Tony, I put my things in his cart and he paid for everything. I was out the door with the boys.

There's a good reason why we don't go out much........

I brought up going to church tomorrow b/c no one is sick, in the hospital nor are we out of town. The answer was we'll go back to taking turns leaving the house and splitting the three one-year olds up. It's just too hard to get out with them. It's a workout just to get them ready to leave. Leaving to take Logan to school is one thing b/c I don't have to pack extras and we'll be home soon and it's a quick ride. Leaving to be out in public for over an hour is another.

Family Fun Day

Just a few photos from Family Fun Day at Logan's school. Me and the tots hit the playground while Logan had fun on all the bouncy equipment. We made it through with only one boo-boo. Andrew slipped on mulch at the playground and got a busted lip on the playground equipment.

Friday, September 14, 2007

You Go Girl!!!

Madelyn was assessed today by her Occupational Therapist in her fine and gross motor skills today to see where she was at 6 months into therapy. After all the tests done, she was evaluated at a 14 month old level. She is almost 17 months but to have caught up this much in 6 months, she has done very well. Next visit on the 5th of October, the OT will complete the evaluation and is probably going to recommend speech therapy after that visit.

She also got her first knee boo-boo today. After dropping Logan off at school, I let the kids play outside on the driveway until the OT arrived. She fell walking and got her first scratched up knee. It's probably only one of many she'll have in a lifetime. She hasn't even experienced rollar skates yet.

I think my kids may be wearing these when we head to Disney this December.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


and it wasn't a diaper this time. It was a stroller tire.

I had all three tots loaded into my triple jogger stroller to pick Logan up from school today. It wasn't until I got two houses up I realized something was wrong and sure enough the tire is off the wheel. Luckily I have a backup - the triple runabout. I had to turn around and go load them back up in the other stroller. This isn't an easy task. Some may think that's simple but after turning them around to go back home, they think it's time to run around outside but yet I'm switching them over to another stroller. Lots of screaming, whining and all of this in 90 something degree weather. Now I need to find a tire shop that replaces stroller tires so I can continue to have a backup.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Grapes Will Make Her Walk

Good Morning Smiles

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


The stage that Nate, Andrew and Madelyn are in right now should be called the Stage of Insanity. I've made comments for a while now that I was "going INSANE". Well, I'm there. I'm pass the entrance of insanity. People are committed for less than how I feel at the end of most days.

Why are multiples so hard?

Today I took Madelyn out to BJ's, just the two of us. We made our run for diapers, wipes, milk and bananas that I have to buy in bulk. What a breeze that was having only one of the three one-year old's in our house. My neighbor watched Nate and Andrew and Logan stayed home and babysat his Daddy and watched Star Wars. She sat still. She smiled at people. She made funny faces. She was a breeze getting in and out of "A" carseat - not three carseats to fidget with. She didn't cry. She didn't have anyone to argue with. She didn't bite nor get bit. I didn't come home stressed out.

The babies don't understand right now that Daddy was sick and can't play and lift them up like he was doing. He's still recovering and it's hard on him to not be able to do those things plus it makes them mad. He's having to hide from his own kids to prevent more screaming. Madelyn is the worst at this. She's a daddy's girl and thinks her daddy should always be holding her.

Most days I'm pretty darn exhausted by the end of the day. The past few days I've been exhausted more than any other day. Unless someone has raised more than one of the same age at a time, I don't think they can possibly understand this stage I'm in right now. I keep saying "It's gotta get easier" but as we get through one stage we enter another.

Madelyn is walking but only when conned. She is not brave when it comes to letting go and doing it on her own. We know she can walk now but you have to make her want to walk. She also doesn't want to pick herself back up when she does fall down. She had to skip both OT and her other therapy this week due to not being here since her daddy was in the hospital. We're hoping to catch back up next week and this is one of the things I really want the therapists to focus on.

On the bright side, Madelyn knows more sign language than the boys do. She asks for "more" all the time. I think she also associates "more" with "I want to eat now".

Pray for my sanity and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

He's Home

Quick update: Tony is back home today. Yesterday he had a heart catherization which he truly enjoyed ----- HA! I'll spare the details of that. He's home on diet restrictions, lots of meds and out of work for rest of the week but he's doing fine. We'll have him back to feeling normal in no time.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Our Weekend

Just wanted to update my blog readers that we've had a crazy weekend here. I'll be brief but wanted to post that Tony is in the hospital. At 5am Saturday morning Tony woke me up to tell me he was heading towards the ER and that he was having chest pains and pain in his left arm. I question him and thought it was probably nothing more than indigestion/heartburn and even asked him if he wanted to wait a few hours and we'd go to an Urgent Care center. He wanted to go anyway so I got my cell and told him to call me when he knew something. I put my cell in the bed with me and went back to sleep. At 6:30 he calls and says he's being admitted for possible heart attack.

We're 32 years old. This isn't suppose to be happening to us. My husband was having a heart attack while driving to the hospital and I'm going back to sleep in my bed. I'll never live this one down.

Anyway, long story short, it was confirmed this morning that he had a moderate heart attack. He will be having a heart cath Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Well, obviously this is not considered urgent to do over a Holiday weekend. We tried our best to get one sooner but was pretty much told if he wasn't coding, they weren't bring workers in to do it.

We're hoping he'll be home Wednesday. We're setting up arrangements for the kids for the remainder of the week but Logan will stay with me after tomorrow b/c of school.

BTW, we're told Madelyn is walking much further distances now at Kricket's house. She's spending a few nights there. All the kids are being extra spoiled. I miss those stinkers.

Please pray for good results at the heart cath and there wasn't much damage done to Tony's heart.