Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No, we don't know anything

In case you read the news, we don't know anything the public doesn't already know. Tony still has a job. No news otherwise. If you've read the stories from other newspapers, you may know more than the employees know.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Do you know how long we've had this costume and she refused to wear it? I got it on her for about two minutes this morning. I had hopes that since they played dress-up at Ballet yesterday she would want to wear it, but I was wrong. She has some scensory issues to this fabric tulle we think. Yesterday she had on her leotard and tights under her costume so that may be why she wore it longer at ballet.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

When Logan was 2 1/2

 Pictures of Logan sleeping in the floor behind the door and on the changing table when he was the same age as the twins are now.
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What's wrong with these boys?

Sometimes it's just one of the boys but tonight they both decided that sleeping at the door would be more comfortable than their very cool, race car beds. Logan at this age did the exact same thing after he came out of crib for the longest time except sometimes he would crawl on top of the changing table and sleep there. I have a night light in the room and tried a lamp but Nate refused the lamp (not sure why) so I don't understand why they think peeping under the door and falling asleep in that spot is the right spot for the night.
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It's Time to Cut Hair Back Off

Now do ya'll believe me? Madelyn's snotty hair has now broken a comb.

Madelyn has beautiful, silky black hair when it's not full of snot. Unfortunately, it's always covered in dried snot thanks to her allergies. I have to keep it pulled back all the time to keep it out of her runny nose but she's a rough little girl on her cute hair-do's, and bows and rubber bands just don't stay up. Today I broke one of her two wooden combs that came from China trying to comb out snot tangles. I've tried hair detangler and it doesn't work on the big wads at all.

I've told many friends and family that I am going to have it cut off again short. Everytime I say this I hear "but it's so beautiful" or "Awe, but she looks so cute with her long hair." If she was old enough to take care of it herself, I wouldn't do it if she wanted to keep long hair. It IS beautiful but it's a nuisance, and she'll still be cute with short hair.

She also has the problem of her hair growing forwards from the back of her hair. Two different stylist have said we could "train" it to lay back like most human hair on it's own eventually. That hasn't happened yet. She has bangs cut but the top that grows forward that isn't part of her bangs stays in her eyes.

I don't know when I'm going to do it but I'll post photos of her new haircut soon.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's wrong with this photo?

Logan wanted the job of getting the boys to sleep in big boy beds tonight. This is what I found when I walked into their room to check on them at almost 10pm tonight. I'm not sure if this is an improvement for Andrew or not. The past two nights he fell asleep on the floor blocking the door. Nate's head is actually on a pillow vs turned upside down on the bed with his head down beside the mattress.
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More Big News

Madelyn went pee-pee in potty for the first time today. Yeah!!!!!

She refused to put on a diaper today. After Logan got on the bus I put training pants on her. She had been on and off the potty all morning long. I even sat her on the potty having her drink water from the big kid cup and nothing was coming out after all that water. When her play therapist got here at 10:30 we moved the potty to a towel in the living room floor and they did therapy from the potty. About 11:15 Madelyn stood up and her therapist saw pee in the potty. Unfortunately Madelyn didn't notice she had done it and we didn't hear it. We don't think she realized she had peed but I made a big deal out of it jumping up and down and swinging her around. She got prize candy and got to call her Daddy on the phone and tell him. We put underwear back on her and as soon as her therapist left and walked out the door, she flooded the floor.

Up until now, she was unable to hold it so at least I know she's capable of going a few hours dry. Time to really crack down on her and get the 2nd toddler using the potty. Nate will probably be like Logan was and take longer. He still refuses to put on underwear. He's not giving up his diaper.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Night in Big Boy Beds

I was too exhuasted to take the 2nd night's picture.
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First In, First Out

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Friday, September 12, 2008

What a nightmare removing cribs is turning out to be

I feel like I've been in a wrestling match.

This is night two of no cribs in the twin's room. Nap time wasn't as bad but it helped since they had been up since 4am. Tonight took about 1 1/2 hours to get them to go to sleep.

They started off in the toddler beds with another crib mattress in between that I could lay on. I think about 20-25 minutes after laying down, a few songs, talking a little and swapping stuffed animals back and forth, listening to the cars from the new dragstrip, Andrew's switch went off. I'm learning Andrew is a bit more hyper at night but he can go from immediately jumping around like a monkey to sawing logs. Unfortunately about the time Andrew konks out, Nate explodes in his diaper. The smell alone would wake the dead. So, I had to get up to change Nate which woke Andrew up and he was back to his typical toddler self.

Nate tells me he needs medicine. He has had a sore throat this week so we make a trip back downstairs, all three of us, to get some tylenol. Andrew asks for medicine so I give him benedryl since he has been congested. I should have done all this before bed but I can't remember everything these days. (I've also been up since 4am too.)

We go back upstairs and hear fireworks. Now the boys have to look for them out the window. Unfortunately we couldn't see them b/c of trees but in the winter we can see fireworks display that goes on at the speedway. They missed out this time.

Finally I get them back to the room and they decide they are sleeping with mommy. I was laying on a single crib mattress. It's already not big enough for me, let alone me plus two toddlers. So, I take their mattresses out and lay it up against mine, one on each side. We try this out for a while, and then Drew poots. Drew thinks he made a stinky. I had to get back up, turn the light back on and check. He didn't but he still thinks he did. Nate says Drew-Drew stinks but there's nothing. It was a big ordeal to them but I eventually convinced them everything was okay.

We get back to laying down and he mattresses are separating from each other sliding around on the floor because the boys can't be still. I push a toddler bed up against one side and have the far end cornered by the wall. Then they both want to sleep in the middle with mommy. Agh!!! So, I take out the middle one and the three of us are sharing two crib mattresses laying in the floor.

After a bunch of yelling from me, finally Drew knocks back out again and I'm thanking God that one is finally asleep. Nate was fighting sleep and wanted to get up, lay different ways, cuddle, not cuddle, etc. He even surpises me by getting into my face and giving me little kisses while I'm pretending to be asleep. I get tickled and he think it's funny so he continues to do this. Sweet but it gets annoying. He lays there and picks his nose for a while and finally starts snoring. Yeah! I was able to sneak out no problems.

I never lay down with them unless they are sick so I know they are enjoying this. I hope they catch on soon that they are suppose to stay in the beds but right now I don't see that happening soon. I am dreaming it will happen by the time Nate has his surgery. Drew will have one night without his twin since Nate will be spending the night at the hospital. Not sure what we'll do then.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We like to do everything all at one time

at least that's the way it seems.

Today I took down the cribs in Nate and Drew's room. It was time. They were having too much fun getting into each other's crib. It took about 30 minutes to get them asleep in their big boy beds tonight. It kinda helped they skipped nap today and had benedryl before bed. I laid between the two beds until they fell asleep in their own bed. They also got a new Thomas blanket to sleep with that made them really happy.

Madelyn will remain in her crib. She's not close to climbing out and as nosy as she is, I don't trust her in her room alone not confined to a crib. She would have everything in her drawers pulled out and tried on and the closet ripped apart.

Our 2nd biggie for the evening is that the Tooth Fairy is making her first appearance tonight at our house. Logan has had a loose tooth for a while and tonight while biting into a lego, the gums started to bleed under the tooth. He let Tony get a good grip on it and one yank and it was out. This is his first tooth to pop through his gums and first tooth to leave his mouth.

My babies are growing up. Two cribs out of three are now out of the house and the first tooth now gone. ***sniff, sniff***

On the really sad note, my computer crashed. Tony has been working on it for a few hours now. Unfortunately I can't post my new photos from this evening and even worse, I'm not sure all of my other photos were backed up completely over the past few months. I hope he can work his magic and get everything back to working order.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nate's Tonsils Are Coming Out

The ENT agreed with me. Too many infections and his tonsils are very large but I already knew that. He asked me how many infections in the past year and I just responded with he's a twin and I can't keep up with who's had what but everytime Nate's sick it's tonsilitis. I didn't even mention there was 3rd two-year old in the picture even though he has done Madelyn's ear tubes but I don't think he remembers me. His partner took out Logan's tonsils.

Since Nate is under three, he has to stay 24 hours observation. If we wait until he's three we risk more infections until then.

This will make our 5th trip to hospital's this year. I'm not trying for the award of "Highest Medical Bill of the Year" but I think we'll be close. Madelyn had ear tubes/adenoidectomy, Andrew had the endoscopy, Madelyn had pneumonia, Tony's stay last week and now another surgery.

I'm hitting up the psych unit before end of year since we've met family deductibles and family coinsurance.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

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Here's a Ball for Ya

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

"No, Daddy's Turn"

Nate's Attempt at Jumping Rope

Madelyn's Attempt at Jump Rope

First, let me tell you this is not a rope. It's a belt to a pair of capri pants I have. The boys found it in my clean clothes pile I was folding and with the help of Tony they decided it was a jump rope. We didn't even know they knew what a jump rope was. Andrew began turning it with Tony and Nate ran up and started jumping. Of course he missed but he thought he was doing it right. Our guess is he picked this up from Sesame Street.

Andrew is half naked because that's just easier for me and him both for potty training purposes, which by the way has been going really well. Our prize for pee or poo in the potty is probably unusual but I have my reasons - Candy Corn. It's not the greatest candy, but it's easy clean up and a candy Tony and I don't really like so we're not tempted to snack at every prize.

And yes, Nate is sort of attacking Madelyn with the rope at the end. I'm assuming it's his way to get her to not give up and try to jump more.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day of Preschool

The day finally arrived. Thank God for inventing preschool!!! We had no problems with anyone staying, no one got hurt, and the teacher's didn't have anything bad to say about them. Tony and I even got to go out to a restaurant for a breakfast date with no highchairs. He was able to help me today get them there and back home. Monday will be different I'm sure all on my own getting everyone ready for school and into their classroom. Logan pulled one his whiny episodes not wanting to go to school today, and I'm hoping this does not continue every time I have preschool or any other day for that matter. Here's a few pictures I uploaded to flickr.

So glad I had my camera in the car with me when I saw this. The dog never moved the entire time the owner was in the gas station.
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