Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well, that's kinda neat...

Currently, this Blog is the first ranked result on google for Ladybug Meaning Adoption

Sure beats my old blog, which was once the first result returned for the phrase "Diaper Blowout".

Some concerns about making sure the kids feel treated equally

One thing that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while now is a concern that one or more of the kids will feel left out down the road.

I'm seeing the youngest 3 complaining that Logan gets to do all kinds of stuff they can't, because he is 4 years older.

Likewise, I can see Logan complaining because so much of what we end up doing in terms of Kid-related stuff is geared toward the age group for the Twins and Madelyn. (I'm assuming right now that Madelyn and the twins will probably be very close together in age, unless we get referred a child who is much older than we expect.)

Likewise, when we do stuff to help Madelyn learn more about Chinese culture, or when we go to something like the annual nation-wide gathering of twins in Twinsburg, I can see the other kids feeling left out.

I know that this is the sort of thing that almost every parent of more than one child has faced in the past, even if our situation does have a little asterisk beside it.

And I know that to a certain point, some feeling left out is going to be inevitable on a temporary basis. They are kids, and who is better at randomly being whiney and irrationally jealous than kids are?

But I really want to make sure that none of my kids grow up thinking that I didn't appreciate them as much as I did someone else. I know we won't be able to do everything, but I don't want them thinking "We always did stuff that wanted to do, but I never got to do the stuff that I wanted to do."

But I know with 4, we aren't going to be able to do everything. But hopefully all of them get to do enough that they know they are loved, both as part of our family, and as a unique individual.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Two Dreams

I've had two dreams lately of Madelyn. The first one we received our referral. We had a picture of Madelyn swaddled in a blanket and her eyes are closed. She had short black hair. There was also a picture of her playing possibly at her orphanage and she had the biggest brown eyes. The other dream was that I traveled by myself to China. I woke up before Gotcha day unfortunately. The dream was mainly focused on packing and getting onto the airplane and arriving in China. Only a few more months hopefully before we see the real referral photo.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pull out the Kleenex

Beautiful photos, yet sad to see so many children given up.

My morning so far....

What a morning I've had already. I can't even use the excuse that it's a "Monday" morning like I did when I worked in the corporate world b/c today is a typical day at the Hooker house.

It started off sometime around midnight when Logan got up and wanted to sleep in our bed. I was so tired and just wanted my space in my bed so I got him to settle on the couch. Unfortunately the couch was covered in stuff but I did the quick clean-up - throw everything in the floor. I make my way back to the bed only be woken up again before 3am by Nate. After feeding him he spit up all over me and my bed so I had to change clothes and threw a towel on the bed. Then Andrew had to be fed. Andrew was awake again before 5am. I got him settled back down and I went back to bed at the time Tony was getting up. Well, Nate was back up again after that. After Tony left and I got Nate settled again, I got a quick bath. Then I had to start getting Logan up and ready. He had a dentist appt at 8. I not only had to get Logan ready (dressed and fed) but the babies ready also. We finally made it out of the house and to the dentist on time. I noticed people were staring at me in the waiting room at the dentist office when I was trying to make a phone call to Tony for insurance information, rocking two babies in their carriers at the same time with my feet, using my left hand to hold Andrew's paci in his mouth, writing information down with my right hand, balancing a clipboard on my lap and had Logan leaning on my right side trying to talk to me at the same time. After hanging up the phone, a lady looks over at me and laughs. I just laugh back.

Logan was great at the dentist office. He did everything the hygenist told him to do and also let the dentist look at his teeth. He got a surprise when it was all over and a new toothbrush. I was asked about 3 times while there if I was babysitting. No one seems to believe Nate and Andrew are twins since they don't look alike and who else would be sane enough to take two babies and a 4 year old out by themself at the same time so I had to be a sitter I guess.

When we get home both babies are sleeping so I decided it was time to clean out the van. It's amazing what I can find when I get a chance to clean it out. I found $4, $20 gift card to Lowe's that was given to me several months ago, a car wash gift certificate I bought last December, and several other things.

Babies have both been fed twice since then. One projectile vomited on me, the couch and the floor. The other pooped all over himself and the couch and while I was cleaning him up he peed all over the changing table. He had to have a bath and the other still needs one. Then Logan had an accident and I had to clean him up.

And it's not even noon yet.

I'm exhausted. When others see what I go through with all three boys I get comments like "I don't know how you do it" and "and you still want another child?" I just do it b/c I love my children, and yes, I still want another child.

Now one is begging for food and another is crying. I love my job!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

My New Camera

For Mother's Day Tony and the boys gave me a new digital camera. This is my third digital camera. The first one was one of the large ones that saved photos to a floppy. Then I got another one for Christmas in 2002. It still takes photos but the quality of the photos weren't that great and it's been dropped several times and ready to retire. You can tell by this photo I took today that the picture quality is so much better than the past photos I've posted on the blog. Logan went to a birthday party today and I snapped this one. All the kids were outside playing in the water. The kids had a great time. I'm sure the parents are worn out now from the four hour birthday party. I was just from watching them.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Brother and Sister?

These two kids act like they could be brother and sister. One minute they love each other and the next they fight like siblings. Logan thought Natasha was taking all his toys home with her and he didn't want to share. He wanted her to play with him but she didn't want to do so at all times. Logan's never had to share his toys since he was an only child for so long and now he's getting friends over and they want to play with his things. I told Kricket they do much better at her house b/c it's not his belongings. Natasha is used to sharing since she has older siblings.

Not only was Kricket and Natasha here today, Karen and Gwen came also. Gwen is such a cutie pie. She gave Logan a kiss. It was so cute. He kissed her back on the head but I don't think she liked it that much. Karen provided us with some yummy bagels from Panera and Kricket ordered pizza for lunch. We definitely ate well today. I hope to be able to get together with everyone again soon. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 15, 2006

Home Study DONE

A new social worker came out to look over our new house today to make sure we had enough space for a new baby and to see the health of our other new babies. Her visit lasted maybe 10 minutes. Very short. I thought she was going to ask about our entire relocation and more about the neighborhood and Tony's new job but she didn't. She charged us $101.67 just in travel expenses to get to our house. I thought that was a bit much b/c I highly doubt it cost her that much gas and time to drive here and back to her home. We should get our report by end of this week.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Why I LOVE being a Mom

1. Hearing "I Love You" from a squeeky 4 year old boy that just had his tonsils removed.

2. Seeing two little ones flash smiles even if it's only b/c they passed gas.

3. Getting handmade gifts with painted handprints on cards wishing Happy Mother's Day

4. Cuddling with all three boys even if one or all are screaming b/c he's hungry

5. Waiting on two of my four men to get back from the ice cream store. All I had to say was "Wouldn't it be nice to have dessert on Mother's Day?"

6. Knowing I have a little girl ready to come join our family

I could go on and on but these are some of the reasons TODAY why I LOVE being a Mom.

Today I woke up to a sweet little kiss from Logan. Logan and Daddy made sweet rolls while I fed Nate and Andrew in bed. Then we all got ready and tried out a new church. After church we thought we could enjoy a nice lunch out but Nate and Andrew had other plans. They decided to cry and scream after our food arrived at the table. I think they can smell food b/c they seem to do this everytime we are ready to eat. Andrew then pooped from head to toe and Tony spent his mealtime at the van changing Andrew. We came home afterwards and began cleaning to get ready for our homestudy tomorrow. A neighbor took all the kids for us during that time. It's amazing how much work you can accomplish around the house without interruptions from little ones. She also took the three boys and told Tony and I had to go out for supper. We jumped at that opportunity to go out for Japanese food. Right now I'm waiting on Tony and Logan to get back from the ice cream store with our desserts.

I got a new digital camera for Mother's Day. Tony tried to take a photo of me with my three sons but one or both babies were crying. I can't upload those photos yet b/c we still need to download the software. This camera will definitely be going to China with us. It's little and I'll be able to carry it in my pocket easily wherever we go.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Updated Home Study

I called today to schedule our updated home study. It's at 10am this upcoming Monday. I'll be spending my Mother's Day cleaning. I'm not going to panic if I don't have everything the way I want it but I'd like for my house to look organized which isn't easy with two babies and a four year old. The social worker told me she didn't care if my house wasn't spic-n-span. She looks to make sure we have the room for a child and it's safe for a child. Also, since we've had the twins, she has to note that she saw the babies and they are thriving, meaning we're not starving or abusing our children we already have in the home. I'm not too worried about it like I was our original home study when the SW came to our last house. I know now they don't look to see if toilets are cleaned and there's not trash behind furniture.

He's Home

The surgery was quick. He was home within 3 hours of leaving the house this morning. The nurses told Tony Logan was great through the entire procedure. He never cried or screamed and was a trooper through it all. He's going to be laying on the couch watching movies for several days. Poor baby....not like him to be quiet and still. Posted by Picasa

Logan's Surgery

Logan and Tony left a little bit ago to head to the hospital for Logan's tonsillectomy. I had to stay home with the twins. I'm anxiously awaiting updates from Tony. Logan's never had surgery before and it bothers me I couldn't be there but I know everything will be okay. He should be home in a few hours. Say a little prayer for him this morning.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

April Gift from August DTC Secret Pal Swap

April's theme was All About China. This month I got a Chinese cookbook, a DVD about a Chinese boy abandoned (hoping to watch it today) and The Art of Chinese Calligraphy. First recipe I looked up was Pot Sticker and sure enough there's a recipe for this in the cookbook. Maybe I'll try to cook it one day (unfortunately I'm a terrible cook).

Thanks Again Secret Pal.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Last night Tony picked up Chinese food for me for supper after picking up some seafood for himself and Logan. I'm not a big fan of fortune cookies but this morning I decided to open it and see what my fortune said. The fortune saying didn't interest me but I did turn it over to see what the learn Chinese word was. In Chinese is it "Guo-tie" which means "Pot Sticker."

So, what is a Pot Sticker? I found this photo of what it looks like. Small dumplings made of WON TON SKINS filled with ground meat or shellfish, chopped water chestnuts, scallions and seasonings. The pot stickers are browned on one side, then turned and simmered in broth. Pot stickers are usually served as appetizers, accompanied with various dipping sauces.
I don't think I'll be trying them. Doesn't look appetizing to me.

Friday, May 05, 2006

What Am I Worth?

I wish I really did make this kind of salary as a stay home mom.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Ladybug flag

Last summer I posted a picture of this flag given to me from a friend at church. I finally today pulled out the flag pole and hung it up outside our new house. Logan loves to tell everyone that ladybugs are his Mommy's favorite bug (his is the butterfly). I never had a favorite bug until I heard about the ladybug meaning good news coming in the China adoption community.  Posted by Picasa

Madelyn's Room

A friend of mine came over today, and while our kids played and the babies slept we worked in Madelyn's room. I still have lots I want to do in her room but at least we have a start on it and it finally looks more like a little girls room.

This twin bed was bought a few years ago and I decided to keep it in Madelyn's room for her to use later or for guests to use. I still need to fasten the headboard to the bed and buy some pillows for it. A few of her books are laying beside the bed waiting to be read to her at night.

This is the top of the chest of drawers. We displayed some of the things I've received from secret pal exchanges along with some dolls and books I've bought. The drawers are still empty but they will be filled soon. I've received lots of girl clothes from four moms of daughters so Madelyn should be all set with clothes for a while. I still have to sort through them all.

Here's her crib. This was Logan's crib when he was a baby. I bought this crib bedding when we were living in the apartment. The bear in the crib was given to her from a dear friend of mine. I left the tag on it showing who it was from for her to read it one day.

A friend of a friend found these valances on clearance at Wal-Mart and thought of me. They have little ladybugs on them. The ladybugs on the wall were wandering the walls of one of Logan's friend's room and made their way to Madelyn's room.

Now all the room is missing is Madelyn.

Missing His Sister

While Logan and I were heating up his breakfast this morning, Nate started crying. Logan says to me, "Nate's crying because he misses his sister Madelyn."

Ooohh, so cute! Logan can say the sweetest things sometimes.