Friday, November 28, 2008

Hot Dogs for Thanksgiving

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Yummy Cookie

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Madelyn and I had some disagreements over what she should wear to our Thanksgiving meal so I let her in her closet to choose and she picked out her dress. Isn't she beautiful?
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Bad Day

Today ranks up there as one of the Worst Mornings I could possibly have.

First, I couldn't wake up. I usually do not have this problem. That should have been a sign there. Tony had to wake me up before he left for work.

When I got to the twins room, I opened the door to find a full bag of diapers emptied out on the floor, Nate butt-naked on the changing table, and Andrew standing beside him as if changing Nate's diaper. Fortunately the morning diaper that was slung off was only #1. I can't imagine what mess it would have been if it had been #2.

Later I take Madelyn to my bathroom to brush her hair and mine. I come out to find that three 12-packs of Coke had been opened and all the cans scattered across my foyer. It was my fault for leaving them there but I didn't think they would have emptied the boxes. I picked all up or so I thought.

After everyone is ready to walk out the door (shoes and coats on), I rushed to the half bath for a break before I go out. While I'm in the bathroom I heard WHAM and I open the door to find three toddlers standing there and immediately a noise spewing everywhere. They found a can of coke I did not clean up and threw it at the front door. It spewed all over my foyer covering the door and floor and was on my coat, the kids and some toys. I got a towel and wiped up some but we were running late so I had to go and get Logan to school. (If late, I would have had to walk three toddlers in to check Logan into school and I didn't want to do that.) The floor is so sticky right now. Of all mornings too, I chose to throw out my mop since trash runs on Wednesday's. Now I have to go buy a new one so I can clean up the floor now.

Days like today I wonder why I even try to leave the house. It would have been much easier to have turned on cartoons and put their hiney's in front of tv. I love my three hours of preschool break two days a week but sometimes I'm not sure it's worth the trouble getting them there.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Triples Are Here!!!

And I don't mean triple babies

Triple Coupons started at Harris Teeter Thursday and Bloom yesterday and end tomorrow. A friend of mine is teaching me her techniques during triples to help me build a stock pile. The goal is to buy when cheap, not necessarily b/c we need it now. Some of the best buys this go around are Betty Crocker cakes, frosting, cookie mixes, paper towes, Dawn, cheese, Campbells Chicken Noodle and many more. With four kids that eat us out of the house, I need to save in groceries as much as I can. A few weeks ago I started a binder and a few months ago I started buying more than one newspaper for the coupons. Now I'm finally seeing all the work pay off.

Here's my savings...

Store OOP Coupons Store Savings Notes

HT $14.22 $39.01 $10.47
HT $7.52 $39.83 $7.66
HT $16.37 $49.67 $17.55
HT $44.02 $52.20 $21.96
HT $11.57 $31.01 $7.84
HT $18.50 $33.29 $5.65
HT $4.04 $16.26 $9.99
HT $4.46 $34.16 $8.85
Bloom $7.62 $45.39 $12.72
Bloom $2.10 $28.00 $3.33
Bloom $3.09 $22.13 $3.83
Bloom $0.01 $41.51 $9.40 Free Milk
Bloom $0.37 $53.30 $19.13 Free lifesavers
Bloom $3.05 $48.96 $15.66 Free Milk plus 1 to make up for ovg
Bloom $7.34 $34.23 $5.71
Bloom $0.92 $47.58 $13.38 bought candy for ovg

Totals $145.20 $616.53 $173.13

I have bought over $600 dollars worth of groceries for $145.20. How amazing is that? It took me a few trips to start figuring it all out so I could have spent much less if I had worked it out first plus I did get some things I needed now that weren't necessarily the best deals. This has been so much fun but so exhausting. I'll probably hit Bloom up again tomorrow after I get the new Sunday newspaper coupons.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Maybe we should consider gymnastics for Madelyn instead of ballet

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