Sunday, December 30, 2007

Messy Eaters

I need some suggestions for toddler food that isn't messy. After each meal, I feel like I need a maid, a back-up person to take over cleaning up the mess while I clean up the mess on the kids. Unless it's chicken nuggets and french fries, these kids make the biggest mess you've ever seen and sometimes nuggets can even be messy, at least Madelyn can make it that way when she chews it up and pulls it all back out of her mouth and sits it down in front of her and then spreads it across the table. Tonight we had chicken pie and I made some noodles just for the kids b/c I knew that would be easy for them to eat since they aren't so great with a fork. There were noodles everywhere. I was down on my knees scrapping the floor before getting them unbuckled and to the bathtub. I feel like giving up on them ever using a fork the right way. Andrew and Nate have a bad habit of kicking the table and pushing back to push away from the table while eating. Tony says we're going to bungy cord two chairs across from each other so they can push and pull each other back to the table. Highchairs were gone a long time ago. Our kitchen isn't big enough for three highchairs so the tots joined us at the table a while back. I think I've almost broke them from throwing their plates in the floor when they are done eating at least, although I did get onto Andrew at lunch time today for that but his plate was mostly empty thankfully. When the weather warms up again, I'll probably make them eat outside until we sell the house at least for lunch anyway. They got a new picnic table for Christmas from one set of grandparents so now the birds, squirrels and neighbors cats will get to enjoy the scraps thrown down on the ground by the Hooker Trio. This at least gives me one meal to keep the table and floor and surrounding walls clean of food debri. I probably wouldn't complain so much if it wasn't for waiting on phone calls to show our house to prospective buyers. Most sane people probably wouldn't try to sell their home with three one-year olds living in it.
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Playing Along

Playing along with other bloggers...

Play along if you’d like. Leave me a comment so I can go read your answers.

1. What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now? Um, some kind of antibacterial white soap

2. Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator? Nope.

3. What would you change about your living room? bigger and more ways to arrange furniture but this house is for sale so not changing anything

4. Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? I think clean but soon to be dirty. It runs at least two times a day, maybe three.

5. What is in your fridge? not much b/c the kids eat it all

6. White or wheat bread? Nature's Own double fiber wheat bread light

7. What is on top of your refrigerator? dust and other junk

8. What color or design is on your shower curtain? No shower curtain in master, ducks and frogs in one between kids room and transportation vehicles in bath off bonus room

9. How many plants are in your home? Two peace lillies I've barely kept alive but try or at least my friends water them when they come over. Got these as sympathy gifts at Reagan's funeral

10. Is your bed made right now? Nope

11. Comet or Soft Scrub? Comet

12. Is your closet organized? Not really but it has been cleaned out and since I don't have many clothes, it's pretty empty on my side.

13. Can you describe your flashlight? I don't have one but Logan just got a light saber flashlight for Christmas

14. Do you drink out of glass or plastic more at home? I like cups, light weight and less chances of me dropping and breaking it.

15. Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now? Yes, but made with splenda these days.

16. If you have garage, is it cluttered? I used to park in it but now that we're moving it's filled with boxes and ride on kid toys everywhere

17. Curtains or blinds? both

18. How many pillows do you sleep with? 2-3

19. Do you sleep with any lights on at night? Nope, I like dark

20. How often do you vacuum? Not sure but could use it 3 times a day after each meal when the kids are eating here

21. Standard toothbrush or electric? standard, freebie from dentist

22. What color is your toothbrush? purple

23. Do you have welcome mat on your front porch? No, we rarely have visitors, is this why?

24. What is in your oven right now? a few hours ago it was a chicken pie

25. Is there anything under your bed? lost socks box, clothes in plastic containers, probably some shoes and other junk

26. Chore you hate the most? I don't like any of them but most of all cleaning the kitchen over and over and over

27. What retro items are in your home? I don't think I Have anything retro

28. Do you have seperate room you use an an office? turned our dining room into an office. It had three desks but we're down to two and only one computer going at a time now unless Tony has his work laptop up. We downsized to make the room look bigger while it's on the market

29. How many mirrors are in your home? at least four in the baths, maybe a few others

30. Do you have any hidden emergency money around your home? Isn't that what credit cards are for? :) LOL!!!

31. What color are your walls? started out desert fawn, playroom is striped in bold colors, Logan's room green, Twins - blue, Madelyn - pastel green, Mine is beige and red

32. What does your home smell like right now? dirty diapers and chicken pie

33. Favorite candle scent? I'm not allowed to burn candles b/c I forget about them

34. What kind of pickles are in your refrigerator right now? None

35. Ever been on your roof? Not in this house

36. Do you own a stereo? yes if you count the ones we use to play cd's in the kids rooms

37. How many TV’s do you have? three

38. How many phones? 2 working ones when we can find them and 2 cells

39. Do you have a housekeeper? I really, really want one these days at least while trying to keep my house clean for showings with four kids living in it.

40. What style do you decorate in? cheap

41. Do you like solid colors in furniture or prints? solids

42. Is there a smoke detector in your home? in almost every room

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Tonight I was curious what the babies were weighing in at these days. Madelyn has been feeling very heavy these days and I had a feeling she had passed her brothers in weight so I put them all on our digital scales at home.

Andrew - 28.4 lbs
Nate - 29.4 lbs
Madelyn - 30.2 lbs (and this was after making a big stinky)

So, looking at this growth chart for weight, Madelyn is way off for Chinese girls her age. She's a big girl no doubt. I don't have her height to compare it to the chart.

Logan weighed in at 44.8 lbs. He's a bit scrawny. His mouth burns a lot of calories.

Dancing to Wiggles

We love the Wiggles. Unfortunately you have to listen to us sing when you watch this video.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Good Food even if it's not the traditional Christmas food on the table

Two years ago we started a new tradition having Chinese food on Christmas Day.
Last year we made one of our meals also Chinese take-out.
This year we did the same except I think we went overboard on ordering. I was too busy sorting out food and cleaning up to get a picture this time. Tony ordered sesame chicken, broccoli and beef, Lo Mein and sweet and sour chicken. Madelyn enjoyed the noodles and the boys ate the sweet and sour chicken but no sauce (so just chicken). We had enough to feed a few more families.

Maybe one day I'll learn how to make some Chinese dishes from scratch and combine with a little Southern traditional Christmas food.

Santa's Visit

 Santa decided this year to leave presents in the playroom. He must have heard me last year complain about the mess it made in my living room and the pain it was to move all the toys back upstairs to the playroom.
 This year he dropped off toys for the twins on the old, ugly couch of ours, Logan's presents were on the matching ugly chair and Madelyn's gifts were left in front of the TV.
  Not sure if I remember what all they got from Santa but I'll try to list the gifts....
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Three Power Rangers
Mack playset
Hotwheels Shoes
Several books
Power Rangers Watch
Star Wars Lego Wii game
Cars Wii game
Brain Academy Wii
Transformers movie
Power Rangers movie
Lap desk
A few cars

Nate and Andrew
Construction vehicles
Monster puppet
2 puzzles
couple of movies (Santa knew it helps keep them happy in the car)
2 brooms (thank goodness, I need some help keeping this place clean)
Singing Spiderman (he isn't working though so might be exchanging him)
candy and raisins

candy and raisins
Drum full of musical toys
Hair bows and combs

Eggs and Waffles

Madelyn had to engulf eggs and waffles before opening presents. I think all the eggs were gobbled in five seconds, no sharing with her brothers.
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Big brother got to help little sister open Santa's presents this morning while Mom and Dad helped Nate and Andrew. Madelyn refused to let her new doll sit in her stroller. She got angry when we placed the doll in it and would grunt and throw it out.
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New Kitchen/Grill

This was a big hit when it was unrevealed Christmas Eve nightm, so much of a hit that they overlooked Santa's present this morning when they got up and went straight to washing dishes and cooking.
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New Princess PJ's and Princess Shoes for the Princess of the House

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Sneak Peak of just one of the Christmas Gifts the kids got this year

I did not think it was this tall when I bought it.
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa Comes Tonight

Every year as Christmas time approaches I get really excited especially for the kids but as it gets closer, it doesn't seem to go as I planned or hoped. From switching of jobs (not me, but Tony), selling a house, seeking a new one and just in the past few days Tony spent two days in the hospital, Christmas just isn't suppose to be this way. So, I'm making a New Year's resolution early that Christmas next year is going to be better the whole month of December. I'm not frantically going to clean my house thinking every moment a prospective buyer wants to see it, we're hopefully not going to spend a few days going nuts waiting on doctors to figure out why they admit one of us to the hospital and send home undiagnosed, everyone will be well, happy and full of excitement.

We're really hoping Santa is coming tonight. Logan yesterday changed his mind about what he REALLY wanted for Christmas and after hearing it for the 10th time, we had to have a talk that he can't always get what he really wants and that's why we write letters early requesting what we want. I don't think he realizes he can't change his mind at the last minute. Santa's elves are busy enough trying to get all the requests in and are now packing Santa's bags ready for delivery. I hope I got through to him and he's not disappointed Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas to my readers and I will post Christmas morning photos soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


How hard is it to get four kids to pose for just one picture?

(click on photo for more shots)

Our Pathetic Gingerbread House

Logan begged to make a Gingerbread House so Saturday morning Tony took on the morning shopping traffic to get to a craft store to pick up a kit. I had never done of these before and may never do it again. I don't have the talent to build homes, it's a proven fact now. Logan had fun but I was more aggravated with it and was ready to toss it after the roof fell off for the 15th time.
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Friday, December 14, 2007

When will it get easier?

I've heard this before but I haven't figure out what people meant by it it gets easier when the kids get older yet.

Some other moms of multiples told me once if you get past 6 months of age, it's much easier. No it's not!!! Today for instance I lay down on the couch in the playroom to watch Sesame Street with the kids and immediately, not even a second passed, all three were climbing up and jumping on me. I had 6 elbows in my ribs and 6 knees in my stomach. Then later I sit in the chair and two have to climb up and sit and the third gets jealous and thinks he has to be there. When do I ever get to sit down by myself again when they are awake?

Today they've also been very active and loud. Okay, so they are that way everyday but today has been even more so. We've danced and sang and read and I hid for a while then went back into the playroom for more. It's just noon and I'm ready for bed again.

I pretty much stay on my feet all day long. The podiatrist asked me what I do for a living this week and you should have seen her eyes pop out of her head when I said I stay home with three one-year olds. I was asked if I had any injury to my foot. Hum? Does it count the numerous times of falling over kids or tripping over toys or sprinting as fast as I can when one of the kids takes off for the road? I was put in a large split over my foot and ankle for PTTD. If this along with meds doesn't work, surgery is next option. What will we do if I'm off my feet for a few months recovering from surgery? get a Nanny? Housekeeper?

I do keep hoping it will get easier. I'd like to at least be able to go out and do quick runs to the grocery store without what should be a 5-10 minute trip turning into 30-40 minutes b/c I have to fight with the carseats, strollers or buggy's or just them throwing tantrums when we walk through the doors and the screams when they see a balloon floating over the cash registers. I'd like to not look like I've been run over by a freight train when Tony walks through the door at night after work.

I do love these kids but they sure know how to shed some years off a person.

More from our Photo Session




I felt like dressing them up today and even added a bow to Madelyn's hair even though we're not stepping foot out the door today.
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At Home Photo Session


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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"Can't let my twin drown"

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Swimming in December


This is not something we would do in NC but it felt great in FL.
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Another Trip to China???


Nope, just China in Epcot at Walt Disney World
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Stroller ride with big brother through Animal Kingdom

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

New way to watch TV


We brought in the carseats from the truck last night to make adjustments with the buckles and this morning while eating breakfast the trio decided they'd like to eat in the carseats and watch cartoons. Madelyn also made sure they were all buckled. She loves to fasten every buckle.
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