Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Elephants come in all shapes and sizes

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Help! A Gorilla is trying to get into our house.

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Wanna Guess What Logan's Favorite Color is?

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What is Panda doing?

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Our Little Panda Bear

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I really dislike doctors....

I know doctors can save lives, but they also are good for scaring the crap out of a person. I have worried for over two weeks that I possibly had a heart condition and diabetes.

Two weeks ago I had my yearly physical, the kind most women dread once a year. During that my gyn noticed I had an irregular heartbeat. He wanted me to have an EKG. He also ordered lots of blood tests, mainly to check my insulin b/c I have PCOS (with that insulin resistance but not diabetes). I had gone to a doctor out of town b/c I trusted him. He was the one that helped me conceive my last two pregnancies plus had performed ovarian drilling surgery on me.

Anyway, instead of a separate lab bill and another bill for an EKG, I decided to just go to my local family doctor, pay one copay amount and have it all done there. When I get to my family doctor, they run an EKG which shows ventricular bigeminy. All I was told was that it was like a flip flop sound. I had to come home and google it to find out more. Two days later I was having a echocardiogram. I also had the blood work performed there.

Last week I get a call that my blood work is fine. I was told my insulin was only slightly elevated but everything else was good including cholesterol, tryglicerides, etc. I asked the nurse for my fam doctor to fax this to my gyn. I later get a call that day that my insulin is not good and I could possibly have diabetes. WHAT??? Now I'm scared I not only have a heart problem but now diabetes.

I finally got the results of the echo mailed to me. Not a simple phone call to say it was normal but I had to wait on the mail. My gyn wanted another blood test so today I went back to the family doctor and had it done there. After waiting an hour and a half, I learn my irregular heartbeat is pretty much nothing and they say again I'm not diabetic. My gyn who is also a reproductive endocrinolist is suppose to get a fax of my newest blood test. If I get a call tomorrow that this is not normal, I'm not going to know who to trust. It seems I have two different doctors that go by different lab measurements.

So, as far as I know right now, I'm not diabetic and I don't have a heart condition. I never thought I was either to begin with. Now I wonder if I should ever have a well physical again. I can't take the stress all the tests to find out nothing is wrong.

And to top it off, I got a bill for the Pediatric Gastroenterologist Madelyn saw a few weeks ago. Our pediatrician referred us to a non-participating provider. I had no idea. I just assumed when asked what insurance I had and that the peds office was calling to set up an appointment then I was okay. Nope! The bill was over $400 for about a 15 minute worthless visit with the doctor. Ridiculous.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is what I said when Logan said today "Mom, we need to get a stocking for the TV?"

"What? A stocking?" A few times I thought maybe he meant something besides a stocking.

"Yeah, so the TV can get games for us to play on the Wii for Christmas."

I'm still confused and Tony speaks up, "Well, the TV is our number 1 babysitter so maybe it should get some presents for Christmas."

Logan Won a Coloring Contest

Logan has never wanted to color. He's never been one to sit down and do any types of crafts. However, Kindergarten has changed him. He asks to do crafts and color all the time now so when I saw there was a pumpkin coloring contest for the newspaper, I asked him if he wanted to submit one. Today Tony was reading the paper and noticed Logan's name as a 2nd place winner. I am so proud.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beautiful Girl

You have to admit this is a beautiful face even with the milk dripping down her chin. Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent in this photo?
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Little Bit of Quiet Time

This if the first time we've ever had them all asleep at the same time in a stroller.
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Where's Madelyn?

This girl is gonna have to get tough to survive with these boys around. On the bright side, she'll know how to take care of bullies one day.
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Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My latest email to Logan's teacher

How many teacher's get these kinds of messages?

I have lost Logan's math book. After school, I grabbed his math book to take upstairs and do with him while I watched the babies in the playroom. During our trip up, I had one baby bite another and one diaper blowout and somewhere in there I laid down the book and I guess one of the others took off with it. Logan and I have searched top to bottom our upstairs. I briefly read the work before going up so we're going to do our best from what I read on the activities. I apologize and hopefully it will turn up before next activity.

So, if Logan ever says "My brother (or sister) ate, (hid, crumbled, etc) my homework" he's probably telling the truth.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Remembrance Day

I knew today was October 15th but I didn't think about it much all day until I read my email tonight. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is today. I have three babies I'll never forget that left us before we ever met them. You never forget but it gets easier to deal with over the years.

I did have a good day otherwise. Except for a yearly physical, yuck, I got a few hours of leisure time at the mall by myself. Not only that, I got a lunch out with my husband, just us. These two don't happen often. It's nice to have these days once in a while.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Alotta Punkins!!!!

Across the road from our subdivision a local church is selling Pumpkins as a fundraiser. Today we made a quick trip to visit and pick out our family pumpkin. Logan chose a short, fat round pumpkin. Nate, Andrew and Madelyn were amazed at all the pumpkins. Andrew wanted to pick up every pumpkin. Nate just wanted to run around all of them. Madelyn was amazed and just wanted to touch and stare. I wanted a photo of all of them together posing with the pumpkins but you see I did good to get one of them to look at the camera.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Special Prayers

I found this link on another blog I read. It brings back many memories of our losses, especially Reagan.
Many prayers to this grieving family.

"Toot Toot Chugga Chugga...."

I just found out this week that Greg Wiggle left the Wiggles. How did I miss out on this news?

One of Logan's first favorite shows to watch on tv was the Wiggles. The same goes for Nate and Andrew as well. Madelyn isn't into it as much as the boys. She has a very short attention span and easily wanders off after watching just a little of the show. It's not going to be the same once the shows start showing the new yellow Wiggle Sam. From the online news it looks like this took place last year that Greg left and Sam took over but the shows here in the US still have Greg on them.

I admit when I first saw the Wiggles, I was sure my son would never watch four men dancing and singing kids songs. They seemed a bit "weird" to me. BUT I was wrong. They turned out to be a favorite of Logan's and I also started watching them and singing their songs. I admit it, I got hooked too and now I have the Wiggles recording everyday for the other three to watch. It's not going to seem the same without Greg. Why didn't they give the new Wiggle a new color, maybe Green? Maybe my Aussie reader can help me with that one.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Hate a Dirty Kitchen Floor

so if it's already dirty after a meal, might as well turn it into a Barber shop floor before cleaning it up.

After dinner last night, we decide to give the boy's some haircuts. Going to a barber can get quite expensive around here. Logan and Nate have thick hair like me but the curls from their daddy. Andrew has thin hair like his daddy (LOL!) and straight hair like me. Andrew had never had his hair cut until last night. All I did was cut the curly parts off the sides and shorten it in the back...easy. Next was Nate...not so easy. Tony got the job of cutting Nate's bushy hair. He really had an Afro going on with all his curls. For $19.99 we picked up some shears at BJ's. Nate was not happy at all. He cried and screamed the entire time. There was hair everywhere, probably in places we haven't found yet. Logan did well for his and he sure looks better. So for twenty bucks we got three hair cuts at home, not professional cuts but we got our money's worth out of the shears already.

Madelyn got skipped. I think I'm going to let her bangs grow out. We'll see how that goes as they get longer. Her hair is as thick as mine now and very full, but it lays down in an odd direction on top. Hopefully as more grows out on top, it will lay backwards instead of sideways.
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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Precious Memories

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Precious Moments

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Friday, October 05, 2007

So, How's Your Day?

When am I ever going to answer this with a big, huge grin on my face and say "It was the most fabulous day of my life and all the kids have been angels all day long."

HA, HA, HA!!!!!

This week has been challenging. Just when I think I'm past one hurdle, up pops a few more. Multiples can get into so much more trouble than any singleton ever could. Logan in his worst terrible two's (and three's) never got into this much mischief as Nate, Andrew and Madelyn. For example, today alone, they've managed to distract me long enough to take over my tall glass of tea while I was on the phone and try to drink from it spilling it all over the table, floor and chair. All three had their hands in it splashing around. Madelyn earlier today reached to the top of the kitchen table and pulled down Logan's drink at breakfast and drowned herself right about the time to walk out the door to take Logan to school so I ended up having to hurriedly strip her down and change clothes (which by the way I locked myself out of the house again this morning b/c I was in such a hurry to get up to the school and I was in a bad mood once 8:20am came around). They fight over everything - toys, cups, puzzle pieces, etc. Is this ever going to end? Doubtful.

Today was also Nate and Andrew's checkup. Nate went balistic as soon as we walked into the doctor's office. He screamed, cried, and fussed and practically clawed me to death when he was getting his three shots. If there had been a 6-pack at my house when I got home, it would have been gone in the first hour after that visit. (Just kidding, I don't drink beer but I thought about it for a sec.)

And Logan isn't innocent in all this. I got my 2nd not-so-good call today from his teacher. Apparently he thinks it's okay to spit in his friend's face. This evening he spent time at his desk writing the sentence "I will not spit at anyone" over and over (a few sentences he left out "not" - trying to pull one on me I think). He needs practice writing anyway so I gave him some extra homework. He also gets no TV this weekend. I'm not used to these teacher/parent confrontations and I don't want to get used to them either. I'm going to volunteer in Logan's classroom Monday and speak to the teacher some more about Logan's behavior. Overall though, Logan has done well in school. I can brag a little on Logan.....his reading skills are so advanced that he gets to go to First Grade for Reading and is the only one in his Kindergarten class that does that. Unfortunately I can't take the credit. He gets this gene from his daddy. (I hate reading. Give me math over reading anyday.)

I'm hoping for a calm, peaceful weekend with my husband and kids.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Did you know Triplets Qualify for Handicap Parking?

They do at the County Fair.

Yesterday evening we drove the kids to the Fair. After we had already parked, a man came up to us while we were getting out of the vehicle and said since we had triplets we could park closer to the gate near the handicap area. He had seen our stroller on the back of my vehicle and assumed we had lots of kids or someone who couldn't walk well. So, we took advantage of this and pulled out of our space and headed to the gate. How cool was that?

Tony and I decided we should have been paid as an attraction at the fair. We couldn't even get the kids loaded onto our triple stroller without all sorts of comments. People stopped and stared at our virtual triplets being hauled around in our Runabout stroller. I even had a newspaper photographer come up and take our picture.

I have to say taking them out in a crowded area was torturous at first but then the crowds died down and a ride operator gave us some free ride tickets and the babies stopped whining and we could actually enjoy a litle of the end of the fair. Strollers were not allowed around the animals. We did take it in to see the horses but a young teenager stopped us when we tried to get in to see the sheep. He told us we could take the kids out and bring them in. Yeah, right! I wasn't dare taking three one-year olds out to run around the animal shed.

All three babies tasted cotton candy for the first time. They LOVED it! Once they saw a man holding a bag and they went nuts trying to get to his bag. He had to walk off and apologized for standing so close with his cotton candy. I bought popcorn to shut them up.

This trip to the fair has us rethinking our Disney Trip. We need a Nanny for the Trip.