Sunday, June 29, 2008

When Gates Don't Keep Children Out...

Use a laundry basket.
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Will I ever get the perfect photo of all four kids together?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Check Out Our Family Portrait

Got to Galleries and chose Playful Portraits. We're at the bottom of the list.

Another idiot writer...

If anyone thinks we did this b/c everyone else was doing it, we'll; they thought wrong. And by golly the cost listed is not true for China. It might be for other Countries or some other agencies but that's way off. This writer needs to do more research. If adopting from China is a fad, well that's about the only fashionable thing we have going on for us. Did he forget about Angelina? Her three are from three different countries and none of those are China (one is Vietnam though)? There are Hollywood celebrities that adopt domestically too.


Old Camera (Canon Powershot - "Pocket camera") vs. New Camera (Nikon D60)
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Have I Mentioned Yet How Much I Love My New Camera???

Waterfun in swim diapers and a kiddie pool.
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Brave Grasshopper

The twins were on the teeter totter with the grasshopper and Madelyn was standing beside it and the poor little grasshopper just hung on for dear life. I, of course; was playing with my new camera when I noticed it and snapped a few shots. I need another lens so I can get closer. He didn't hop off until the kids got off the teeter totter.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Already the market is hurting a girl's self image

Last weight checks at dr's offices, Madelyn was only one pound over the boys. Her legs have slimmed down a lot in the past couple of months since she's running around more but she's still the same size as the boys. Look at this photo - the left is a pair of Andrew and Nate's shorts (size 24 month) and the right is Madelyn's (size 3T). Not only is hers a 3T, it fits tight and when she bends over the back falls over the butt and I'm sure it would show if it weren't for the diaper. However, Andrew and Nate can walk around the house and their shorts start sliding down over their hips on its own. Not only this, look at the length. She's two - not 16, and I don't want my 16 year old wearing shorts this showy either. Call me old fashion, but I'd like for my daughter not to be known as the girl with nice butt cheeks and shapely thighs (although she has some big ones like me). How long will it take for Madelyn to wear sizes smaller than her brother's? If she doesn't, I don't care but she will one day.
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thursday's Outing

We had planned a trip to Carowinds a while back with another family that also has a six year old and a set of twins that are two years old (same size/age as our family minus one toddler). It had been arranged for Madelyn to stay with my mom but the day before our outing, Andrew came down with a fever and an ear infection. He also stayed home. We were able to take a trip out with Logan and Nate only...big difference going out with only two kids.

We only rode a few rides in the kiddie park and then we hit the water park at opening. Nate did not enjoy the rides. He was very scared of the carousel horses. He screamed the entire time. He didn't like the Dora Train or the balloon ride either. When we got to the water park he was scared of the wave pool at first too but later learned to love it. He wanted to be held though and go "Up...Down" as he would say with the waves. He also played in the kiddie area but made me go down the slide with him which wasn't made for adults so I'm sure it was a site to see me going down it with a child laying on my belly.

We had a good time and stayed until about 7:30pm, and I only got a little sunburn. Usually I burn with sunscreen but this time I was applying every hour 50spf. That evening, the other mom and I took the older two to see Kung Fu Panda. By the time I got home I was so exhausted and so was Logan. Logan asked me to tell him a story and he dozed off as soon as he asked. Friday I paid for it. My body ached all over from being beaten up by the wave pool. I was able to catch a nap during the kid's nap time which was awesome.

Unfortunately Andrew is not the only one sick now. All three toddlers have had fevers and sore throats. As of today, all three have diarrhea. Our house smells worse than a landfill. It's a good thing we bought two boxes of diapers last weekend at BJ's. Madelyn wouldn't go to sleep last night for belly aches. She screamed until 11:15 I think it was. She woke up Nate and I had to get him out of his room to keep from waking up Andrew since they share a room together. I think it's hit Nate the worst. He cried all night long and almost all of today. Before nap, I had to carry him everywhere or he had to sit in my lap the entire time to keep him from screaming and he still screamed in my lap. He was miserable. I'm praying that Tony and I do not get this bug and if we do, it can't be at the same time. I hope Logan doesn't get it either. This bug needs to be gone by Monday too so I don't have to deal with it alone when Tony goes back to work.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

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Have you ever seen a set of twins that look as different as these two handsome boys?
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adorable Adorable Adorable

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This new camera is so awesome it even picks up the nice yellow marker drawing in the background on our wall courtesy of Andrew. I think there is applesauce stuck on there too. Paint over it??? With three two-year olds living here? Nah, no use right now. Think I'll wait at least another year before repainting this room. Don't you love Madelyn's chocolate mustache?
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First Photos with the New Nikon D60

I haven't even opened the manual but I did figure out how to take a few pics on my own with this new toy of mine. I've got lots of reading to do so I'll know how to use all this camera has to offer. I'm also opening a flickr account so I can post more photos at one time. This toy is so cool. I'm already giving Tony future gift ideas for me - more lenses.
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My New Toy

Thanks Mom and Roger!!! I love my new toy even though I haven't used it yet (still waiting on the battery to charge). Happy Early Birthday to Me!!!

I entered the Nikon D60 Photo Contest but I'm doubtful I'll win. If I do (long shot), I'll be selling it to buy more lenses for this one. My hobby is my kids and I am always taking photos of my kids so I was ready to upgrade cameras. I'm still keeping my Canon PowerShot SD600 b/c it fits right in my pocket.
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We have another Tony on our hands

Yesterday Logan and his friend (R) were at his friend's community pool and when we're leaving I mentioned that one day his friend can come over to our house. Logan doesn't want to leave and does his "but I don't wanna wait until tomorrow." Anyway, after convincing Logan "R" can come soon, Logan says to his friend "And when you can come over we can read my Magic Tree House books together and we can read .... "

I turned to Logan with his friend listening, "Logan, when your friends come over they don't want to read. They want to play video games and play with legos" and I looked at R and said "Isn't that right?"

R knods and says "yeah."

I'm not sure R reads yet and if so, he's not into books like Logan is. Logan is just like his Daddy and would rather read than play with toys or anything else. I'm so glad Libraries are around and don't charge for borrowing books.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Boo-Boo

Not really but I sure did have four kids fooled this morning. I found Logan's toy nail in the laundry. I think when he got it from Chuck E Cheese last week as a prize he didn't really know what it was for and it must have went straight to his pocket. It was in the bottom of my laundry basket this morning so I put it on and started yelling "Oh no, I got a nail in my finger!!!!!"

All three tots came running and were staring. Nate was very emotional. He said "Oh my!" and Drew-Drew said "Oh, a boo-boo". They all stared and had confused looks on their face. Even Logan across the room said "I'll go call 991" and no I didn't type that wrong. Of course I corrected him that it was 911 and he didn't need to call. All three tots kissed my finger and I took off the toy nail and told them their kisses made it all better. I had the best laugh this morning.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Future Jedi's

Logan received the red and blue light saber as birthday presents from friends but Nate and Andrew claimed them as theirs. Today we bought a green one for Logan and purple for Madelyn. This is probably not the best toy for two year olds but so far no injuries.
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How do we spend a hot summer day?

....Inside an air conditioned building like Chick-Fil-A.

What's a family to do with three toddlers on a Saturday in Hot June? A pool is a bad idea as we have learned b/c we need one more set of hands if not more. So, we hit the local Chick-Fil-A. It has A/C, pinned in playarea, and chicken nuggets. Not only that, you can trade in toys from kids meals for ice cream. They enjoyed it and it was easy on me and Tony getting them in and out and controlling them inside.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I pulled out our lifejackets to try them on the kids to get them ready for the pool and now they think they are going on a boat ride. I never mentioned boat but Nate and Andrew have been yelling for "Boat". They will not take them off. They've been wearing them for the past hour now. Nate has on one we bought Logan a few years ago. Andrew's came off ebay new last year and none of them would wear it then. Madelyn's is a hand-me down from a little boy that never would wear his either so I bought it for $2 like brand new.

I'm not sure where they picked up the idea they should wear these on a boat. Sometimes they do amaze me with their knowledge. Last night while playing with play-do, Nate made a shape that resemble a rocket ship and he held it up saying "rocket ship". I didn't know a two year old knew what a rocket ship was. He is a little Mr. Smarty-Pants.

Update: Finally got them to take their jackets off at lunch time. I convinced them they couldn't sit in the highchairs with them b/c they would get stuck.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

How Cool!!!

Remember this photo?

I placed it in the photo section for the Mothers of Multiples club I'm apart of. Today I got an email from the VP of Marketing for the club asking to use my photo...

I have to say that your photo on CMOM of the triplets is just beautiful! I am working on a design concept for NOMOTC that will represent and launch National Multiple Awareness month beginning in March 2009, and wanted to see if you would allow me to try and use your photo as part of the design. If so, I would need the photo in color (which you may not have). Basically, a folder with information will be distributed to all member clubs of NOMOTC, and the design will be part of the folder collateral. Just let me know if you agree to this and if you have any questions. Look forward to hearing from you!

Wow! My quick snapshot just might become popular.

I also entered it into a contest to win a new camera and it was selected to be in the contest. I'll send out more details later when I get more information.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Yet another bright idea .... NOT

This is our little fish. Andrew loves the water.

This one is not a fish. She's far from it. She did not want to be in the water unless her daddy was holding her.

This is Nate in time out. (explained below)

Logan relaxing, what Tony and I did NOT do this evening (or ever).

Tony had the day off since Logan's school had a Luau for all the Kindergarten families (which btw, our family did not make it to all the events b/c three little two-year olds were mean and grumpy). After school I had the bright idea we should all go down to Carowinds to the water park. We do have season passes this year. I wanted to get in the pool so bad I was willing to take three two-year olds out in 97 degree heat even though I have been battling a cold and cough all week long.

It was not a fun trip. I can laugh now but it wasn't that much fun. I did enjoy the water but I didn't enjoy Nate running away every second. Nate couldn't be happy where the rest of us were. He wanted to go anywhere we weren't. Most know I have a bad foot (ruptured tendon). Walking on concrete is not easy without shoes and my brace, and running after Nate was downright painful. Nate had to sit in the stroller several times to get him to calm down and stop throwing tantrums. Andrew scared me b/c he kept trying to hang out with the bigger kids. He loved all the water being dumped on him. He would lay down in the water with his head barely sticking up. Madelyn couldn't stand it if a drop of water splashed in her face. I could get her to walk beside me but when she would see her daddy, she expected him to carry her. We did last one and a half hours there and that was pushing it. We almost left sooner, much sooner than that.

Two toddlers and two adults, that's possible. Three toddlers and two adults with a six year old where water is involved - forget it! We will not be going back without another adult or someone babysits at least one toddler and that would have to be either Nate or Madelyn.
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