Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Birthday Boy

Friday was Logan's 7th Birthday. Wow! Where did the time go? We celebrated Friday morning letting him chose anything he wanted to eat for breakfast. He picked pizza rolls and Dr. Pepper. All of us went to the school to have lunch with him on his birthday. We didn't know it was a bag lunch day and classes were eating in their room. The teachers made us a spot though in the classroom so we could all 6 sit together and eat and watch cartoons. Logan and I passed out cupcakes afterwards and we stayed for the special birthday song all the kids do. That evening he opened a few presents from us and we let him chose a restaurant for supper. He picked Taco Bell so he and his dad picked it up and brought it home so we all didn't have to go out in the thunderstorm.

Tony also set up a special birthday mission earlier in the week on their favorite online game City of Heroes. Tony surprised Logan with it Friday, and the two of them played for several hours late Friday night.

Saturday he had his party at Play It. It's a small video game place set up with xbox's, pc's, etc and kids and adults can go play whatever almost there. He had four friends join him and a few of the dads and they all played together and had cake and other sweets. I kept the youngest kids at home so Logan could enjoy the time as a big kid plus the others didn't need to be there around all those computers and games. Logan's big gift from us this year was the new Nintendo DSi. He also got some games for the DSi, legos, telescope, money, RC Car and a few other things. Can you tell he's a big video gamer like his dad?
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