Friday, April 29, 2005

Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificate

I requested copies of our birth certificates and marriage certificate ($130.45). I joined two yahoo groups for info on adopting from China.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Applying for Adoption

We mailed out our application to Harrah's AIM ($150) to adopt a child from China. We've decided to keep it a secret for now from family and friends to avoid comments that we're doing this too early after loosing our baby, Reagan Anne, on 4/6. She died from Triploidy at 19 weeks gestation. We had already had it in our hearts to adopt before getting pregnant with Reagan and had the application at home. We were ready to send it off the week I found out I was pregnant but decided to put it on hold. I kept the applications because I knew we would come back to this one day. Tony did tell a coworker since she has adopted two Chinese children, one of those being through Harrah's. The application says we should hear something within two weeks from them. I also told a neighbor of mine since she has also adopted from China. We have one biological child, Logan, who is 3 now. I have PCOS and have undergone many fertility treatments, medications and surgeries. I had a miscarriage of twins prior to Logan. We want more children but at this time we're not willing to go through all this again. We want Logan to have a sibling and hopefully in the next several months this will come true.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


This blog will be a chronicle of our family's journey through the process of adopting a child from China. Both Melissa and myself will be posting about the process.

We live in North Carolina, and are using Harrah Family Services as our Adoption Agency.

Our email address are: