Thursday, June 30, 2005

Passport are HERE

YIPPEE!!! After we sign them, I have to make photocopies to send to our dossier consultant. Copies have to be sent with our dossier when it goes to China.

Now, all that is left is the I-171H and getting everything verified and authenticated.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Boy clothes for sale

I decided to save up the clothes I mentioned in an earlier post I was selling to put the money towards our adoption. I've decided now to wait for one of the church consignment sales this Fall and make a little more money that way unless someone comes along and offers more money. If any of my readers need 2T and under in boy's clothing, email me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Unwanted Bills

I get in such a bad mood everytime I get a bill related to our recent loss. It makes me so mad that we've spent so much in infertilty drugs, surgery last August, tests, doctor bills and then hospitalization and surgery for a baby we never got to see or hold. I've been going through the bills tonight trying to figure out how much we still owe to the hospital and doctors. I can't imagine what it's like for all the couples that have indured IVF spending thousands and thousands of dollars and still come out empty handed. I'm so glad China Adoption is stable and we're practically gauranteed a baby in the end if all the paper work is done correctly.

Our homestudy reads "You have been approved for the adoption of one child of either sex, age birth to eighteen months, healthy or with minor correctable medical conditions from The People's Republic of china." I love this sentence (and it only cost $1700 to get this sentence from the homestudy agency). Now I can't wait to hear these words from China.

Courier Service

Our dossier consultant has started to use a courier to handle the Dept of State verification and the embassy because processing time is down to 4 or 5 weeks. The courier gets the documents done in about 5 days for both levels. The fee is $95 and most couriers charge between 130 and 150. I told her I'd pay this extra money even though we're not in a hurry right now b/c of waiting on the I-171H.

Passports Still Not Here

We still do not have our passports so I looked up our mailing date which was 5 weeks ago today. I was told to give it 6 weeks so hopefully we'll have them in the next 7 days.

Final Homestudy Received

I got two copies of our homestudy today from Nathanson's notarized and also a copy of their license. I have found two typos so I'm hoping that will not be a problem. One of them should have said "one" and it was "on" and another had two commas. I saw a few other errors but they probably weren't a big deal either.

Our DC wants to talk to me sometime about going to Raleigh for the verification part. I haven't received all my originals back but I'll probably be able to go very soon. I have all the 12 documents needed to go. I'm only missing I171H. We're also missing passports but that doesn't have to be verified.

Monday, June 27, 2005

I Love My Babies

I was cuddling with Leia, and Logan decided he wanted some cuddle time too. The camera was sitting behind me and Tony grabbed it b/c he thought we were cute. I wish bothed had stayed still longer. I was enjoying this.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Lawnmower for Sale

Yep, we're selling our mower to put the money towards the adoption. Since Tony is working out of Charlotte now and his hours are limited at the time he's home during the week, we've hired someone to cut our grass. Therefore, we don't need our riding mower anymore. It's just taking up room. It's a cheap Murray mower that we've had about 5 years. If you know anyone interested, let us know. We don't have a price set yet. All money made on it will go straight to our adoption savings account.

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes

I've decided to start going through all of Logan's old clothes. I'm only looking through about 9 months and up. I think we had more clothes for him these past 3 years than I've had my entire lifetime. I'm probably not going to touch the little baby clothes b/c I'll probably cry remembering how little he once was and I don't think I can go through them being it's been only about 2 1/2 months since we lost our baby. I'm dividing them up into "Keepers" which are the ones that could be for a little girl b/c it's highly possible our new baby will be a girl since that's what China's orphans mostly are, "Consignments" are the clothes that are in very good shape that are definitely for a boy that I can probably get some money off of which will go into our adoption fund, and "Give-Away's" which are good clothes, maybe a few stains, but most are missing the tag with the size and I know consignment shops will not take these. I'm going to put the give-away's in a yard sale bag to take to church since we're having a big yard sale there in July to benefit the building fund.

I'm probably going to list some items on ebay as well. I'm trying to find all crib pieces that I had in Logan's room. He had the Blue Jean Teddy Theme and I have lots of things with this theme. I've sold some on ebay already but now it's time to get rid of the rest. I've decided to keep a quilt and a blanket with this theme but that's probably it.

I've got lots more Rubbermaid containers to go through which may take me all week, plus I've got lots of baby toys to go through. If we (it would have to be a miracle) ever have another baby and it's a boy, I'm sure we'll collect just as much the next time around so I'm not too terribly sad about getting rid of lots of this stuff. I am going to keep the really special outfits though like his first Halloween costume - Spiderman.

International Adoption vs Domestic

I'm always being asked why not adopt in the States instead of another country b/c USA has so many orphans. We interviewed DSS and Family Services about Domestic adoption and even applied with DSS. DSS called us the week after I found out I was pregnant with Reagan but that was only to get started in the process, but we were still considering overseas then as well especially China. The best choice in the end for us was International Adoption even though it is expensive and the child will not look like us. What I want to say back to those people is "Why NOT China?". I am going to pass around my movie "China's Lost Girls" which explains why we chose this country (we chose it before watching the movie but it gives so many reasons why to chose this country over another). So far everyone I have shown it to has cried and can't wait for to meet our new baby and they want one themselves. If any of my local readers wants to borrow this, let me know.

Karen had a link on her blog and so I looked up my name since we don't have one picked out for our baby yet.  Posted by Hello

Do you see our new baby in the picture? He/She is in there somewhere. It's too early to tell the sex. (I had to steal this picture off another blog. It was too cute.) Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 25, 2005

More Books

Thursday and Today I went to a Scholastic Book Sale (I had to go twice this week b/c the sale was so good). Twice a year it is open to teachers, faculty, principals, etc (mainly people that educate others) and they discount everything 1/2 off. Even the clearance was half off. Lots of books for under $1.00 were available. I bought bunches but two I wanted to post about. One of my son's friends, Joseph, found a book and came running to me to show me. It was a Lucky Ladybug book. It's a pull-the-tab cloth book. Of course I had to get it for our China baby. I also found a book called Chinese Cinderella. It says it is a true story of an unwanted daughter but the back doesn't necesarrily say she was adopted. I'll have to read it and post my thoughts later. I bought three copies since it was so cheap and I thought I'd give two of them away. Each were only 50 cents. It's by Adeline Yen Mah. I can't seem to finish another book I started that was loaned to me so it might be a while before I get to this one.

I got lots of books for Logan and our new addition that I'm saving for Christmas. We will not have our new baby by then but Santa may still come to visit her/him.

Not Adoption Related
I donated money to The Compassionate Friends recently in memory of our daughter Reagan we recently lost. I got a letter that says her name will be carried in her memory in their Memorial Walk in Boston, Massachusetts on July 3. Their website is She will always be remembered. I wanted to post this b/c so many turn to adoption for the same reasons we have - infertility and pregnancy losses - and they still want a family. I haven't been to any of their meetings but they seem to be great organization to help in the grieving process. They've sent me several things in the mail already. The money donated goes towards resources that are distributed to families like ours.

Update to Flooding in China

This was posted to the APC group this morning.

Yesterday afternoon, about two o'clock, Shamian island had flooding
to the highest water which never happened over 100years ........
However, we thank for all the friends who pay attention to us,we
arranged many sand bags to put on our front doors for controlling
the flood to our inside stores (still about 20cm height water in
stores but nothing damaged), so we are lucky and very fortunate from
this heaviest flood, even about 50cm height water in our courtyard.
This morning, the water is refluent, but still have water on the
outside of White Swan Hotel, but some new families are still
barefoot to bring their laundry to our place, they are so brave and
have good adventure.... we are so proud of their inflexibility
(dauntless action) .
But no more higher flooding in Shamian island since this time.
Everything in Shamian island come to the normal from this evening.

Friday, June 24, 2005

FedEx Bill as of Today

I took a look at our first FedEx Bill and for the two packages, it was $27.92 for the first and $11.14 for the 2nd. That's a big difference in next day and a few days later. $5628.74 is now total expenses to date for our adoption.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Trust/Life Insurance

We had to make a statement for our homestudy that included how our children would be taken care of if something were to happen to us. Tony submitted this...

All of our belongings, money, etc. will be split equally among all our children, Biological and Adopted in the event of our death. If the children are still Minors, the money would go into a trust for them to help the guardians handle expenses until the children are 18.

This is something new China now requires in the homestudy so it was not originally asked of us during our visits. Nathanson's approved this and is entering it into our homestudy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Home Study has been reviewed

Our DC sent our home study agency her changes and I sent mine also. She had less changes than I did. One of the biggies was a statement that had to be made that a trust or life insurance policies will go to our children if something were to happen to us. At first I thought this meant we had to already have this done but that's impossible to do having an unnamed child. The rest seemed minor. I hate waiting on the USCIS right now. If it weren't for them, we could probably be DTC soon. I have completed everything I can do at this time.

I did end up with a little injury to my neck from the car accident. Hopefully though the chiropractor can get me back in shape and their insurance will pay.

Word is passing around my church now about the adoption. News spreads fast. It's VBS this week and I've had several asking me about it. I wish I could say we'll get her (or him) soon but unfortunately it's going to be a while.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

HFS Meeting in Cary

Last night we met Kim Sumrow, our dossier consultant, at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary. She flew up from TX to meet with NC families. The seminar was mainly to introduce HFS to new people but also so that families that are using or have used HFS could meet and ask each other questions. The first part was a slide show of HFS children. I had tears flowing down my cheeks watching these beautiful children. I especially cried heavy tears when I saw a caucasion boy laying down in bed beside his Chinese sister as if they were maybe reading a book (but you couldn't see that). I thought of Logan of course with his new sister. It was so adorable.

I learned last night that only 1% of the orphans are adopted out of China. 98% are girls and 2% are boys. Twins are very rare but do occur. Seems like it would be easier for us to get a child from there with the number of children they have that need homes.

We spoke to Kim after her presentation and she told us she read our home study on the plane ride. Hopefully next week then she can offer suggestions and we can submit to Nathanson's and get our final copy soon.

Before I left for the trip, I finally got the three documents mentioned earlier notarized. I may have broken our fax/copier trying to copy them at home so I had to go to the post office and copy these and realized when I got there a FedEx dropoff was out front which saved me time running around to another FedEx dropoff.

When we got home today, we found a mailbox full of lawyers and doctors letter b/c of my accident Thursday night. Unbelievable that not even 48 hours, they are already trying to get my business. I'm fine except sore in the neck and upper back. If it's still sore Monday, I may ask a doctor their opinion. I just want my van fixed. A messed up bumper though has gotten others attention at the back of my van and they've asked about the Bless Our Red Thread magnet.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Horrible Evening

Tonight I had plans to meet Karen who is adopting also from China. Her referral date is coming up soon. On my way to meet her, I got rear-ended on Stratford/Silas Creek Intersection in Winston Salem. This morning when I put some of the adoption documents in my van, I had this weird thought that I might be in a car accident b/c I had these important papers in my van. I had my medical forms that took weeks to finally get right and also my application to CCAA, unemployment letter, and financial statement b/c I was going to take them to FedEx after I got a call back from the notary I use to come over and get all of these stamped (except Medical b/c those were stamped already). I got the notary's call back while I was waiting for the police to write up the accident report. I later realized that I didn't have the address with me anyway to send these papers to my dc.

I never got in touch with Karen, and I'm writing this on my blog to let her know again how sorry I am for not showing up. I didn't take her cell number, but I did call others I knew to look up her phone number to try to call her home to see if I could get someone there to give me her number. I showed up at the restaurant too late. I even went to her house to try to catch her but no luck so I left notes on the doors.

I'm going to probably be sore from the jerk of being rear ended pretty hard and from the seat belt holding me back. The guy that hit me tore up my bumper for sure. I'm going to try to get an estimate tomorrow before I head towards Raleigh.

I called my notary back on my way home and asked if I could stop by. When I got to her house, I realized I had my name three different ways on all three forms...Melissa Hooker, Melissa Philbeck Hooker and Melissa Anne Philbeck Hooker. I don't know which way to write it and if it matters if they are not all the same. I'm going to email Kim (DC) to find out what is correct. Also, my notary stamped one up-side-down so I've got to reprint and Tony signed on the wrong line on our Application to CCAA so I have to redo this again too. I'm going back to her house in the morning with reprinted documents.

Everything is set for Logan to spend the night with a friend of ours tomorrow and we get one night kid free...first time in a long time (and I'm not counting the nights I've spent in hospitals without him). Tony will have to post later about a comment Logan made to him about us bringing home another baby. It's cute.

Response back from Dossier Consultant

Just got this emailed back to me about previous post.

I don't have this information to date. However, we process the whole dossier ahead of the I-171-H anyway. When you get that form, you will send it to me and I process it here in Texas which is quite fast. Thanks, Kim

I'm trying to find a notary now to get these last forms done and sent to her. I should soon be able to get papers authenticated in Raleigh.

Message from APC group

This was sent out today and I sent it to our DC to verify if this is true or not.

Good morning everyone. The following is a change that affects the
processing of the new I-171H. The folks at the US Dept of State
yesterday told me that all I-171H's that go through the US Dept of
State no longer need a state seal. You do not have to send the
I-171H to your state Secretary of State's office for authenticating.
The US Dept of State will now authenticate the document as is.
Provided the document has the new Homeland Security logo, in color,
in the upper left hand corner. This is the new document. The seal
from the US Dept of State will read that it is from the Bureau of
Homeland Security.
If there is a state seal on the document, the US Dept of State could
remove it. If the I-171H is to be sent directly to a Consulate, it
will still need the state seal... for the moment. According to three
different staff persons at the US Dept of State, all I-171H's should
go through the US Dept of State from now on. They're probably biting
off more than they can chew... and, this is all still being fleshed
out. So, for now, I would say get your I-171H state sealed unless
they fall under the jurisdiction of the Washington, DC

Monday, June 13, 2005

More Changes to Financial Statement / Travel plans to Raleigh

Tony's new benefits go into effect 7/1 so we are changing a few things. I contacted our DC about what to show on our financial statement. Since our life insurance amounts are going up, we wanted to show the higher amounts so I had to make changes AGAIN to the financial statement. These changes will also have to be made on our final copy of the homestudy. Our DC said she would make sure everything matches.

We also have made travel plans to Cary, NC for this upcoming Friday to meet our dossier consultant. She is giving a presentation at a Church in Cary about HFS and adopting from China. Logan is going to stay with a friend of ours. We're having to stay in Raleigh b/c hotels are booked b/c of a golf tournament somewhere nearby and we couldn't get any closer. We will be coming back Saturday.

Support the Red Thread and Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Magnets Posted by Hello

Early Birthday Present

Tony came home today with an early birthday present for me. Before he took this new job, we bought new cell phones so that we could call each other back and forth without charges. Our phones looked exactly alike so we had talked about different covers so we could tell them apart. He bought a clear cover for mine and had an artist at our church paint a big ladybug in the inside of it. It can not be scratched since it's painted on the inside of the cover. It's so cute.

Updates to papers today

Our dossier consultant emailed me to leave off my income I made last year. It was not much for 2004 and I'm not reporting what I made this year either. I also sent her another copy of my unemployment letter. She asked me to fax medical forms to her also before she reviews our home study. I'll scream if there's something else wrong with these medical forms and they way they were filled out or written.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

If I knew how to sew

I don't know how to sew but this is a good idea for a fundraiser for parents adopting from China.

Again, I couldn't help myself

Frog and Ladybug candle holders Posted by Hello

Too cute

Ladybug and Frog squeezables Posted by Hello

No, I didn't need to buy these but they were too cute. I'm considering decorating the nursery in insects with ladybugs, frogs, etc.

First girl clothes bought for a future daughter

Ladybug clothes Posted by Hello

This is the time I should have been buying clothes for my daughter Reagan, but God had other plans for her. I passed by these two while looking at clearance racks at two different stores for clothes for Logan. The two ladybug clothes stood out and I just couldn't put them back on the rack. I may have bought the wrong sizes for the seasons but I'm keeping them until I know for sure. If we end up with a boy, then I'll find a little girl that can use them, maybe even another China Baby. I also found a shirt with lady bugs (two actually but I'm going to give another to someone else). I like clearance sales.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Adoption Bear

The Adoption Bear Posted by Hello

I found this little Holy Bear at Cokesbury store in Greensboro today. Actually Logan's girlfriend Alexis found it and I couldn't resist from buying it. Inside of the card it reads "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew 18:5"

I told Logan to pick out a book and he chose "Ten Little Ladybugs" by Melanie Gerth. I was so happy he chose this one. There's going to be ladybugs all over my house soon.

My neighbor Stephanie Felts gave me two ladybug pins last night that she had found at Hallmark. She is just too sweet. I was having a bad night and she made me smile after I saw those.

I haven't heard anything back from my DC so nothing has been posted about our paperwork process. I'm at a stand still until she gets back with me. I wish there was something I could be working on.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Our changes to the draft of HS

I submitted our changes of our homestudy to our DC this morning. Once we get her changes, then we'll send it all back to Nathanson's for a final copy. We can only submit changes one time with no extra charges. After that, it's $50 each time changes are submitted.

We're in no rush now to get all this done b/c it looks like now we will not get our I-171H until end of August.

Response from Nathanson's about Fingerprinting Appt.

Hi Melissa;
Wow, that is a long time in the future for a fingerprint appt.

Here's the way the Charlotte office works.
It really doesnt matter when you get your fingerprint appt, because the adjudicator will open files based on the date the agency recieved your I-600A.

So... look at your BCIS paperwork, and see the cash register receipt attached to a letter that says they received your application. The date on the cash register receipt is the date they acknowledge receiving your app.

Then count forward 3 months, and thats approximately when you'll get your approval.
If your fingerprints are scheduled during that 3 month time, there's no benefit to getting them done sooner - your file will still sit.

I know its hard to wait, Melissa.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This kid is going to make a great big brother.  Posted by Hello

Fingerprinting appt

We got a letter in the mail for fingerprinting for July 29. That's 2 1/2 months away from when we sent out application in. We'll still have a long wait after that for the I-171H. I've emailed out to our home study agency to find out if there's a way to get in sooner. Some have said to just show up at the Charlotte office ahead of time and we can be fitted in but our letter plainly states to come only on that date or reschedule by letter only and not by phone or visit to the office.

Financial Statement revised

I emailed our financial statement again to our DC for review. Last night she faxed my old copy and I was able to get this format in a doc instead of pdf so now I can save it on my pc. Last year's income for Tony on our homestudy was listed as our AGI from our 2004 taxes. However, from my short job at H&R Block I had a small check so I broke that out for my income. I'm wondering if I can just least that under Tony's income. I don't even know the final amount I made this year and am asking if that even needs to be listed. I didn't work long enough and don't even claim that as an employer so I'm not sure I need to include it. I have no plans to return there.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Final Medical Forms

I finally got all my medical forms and am hoping now they are 100% correct. I'll scream if there's another problem with them. I did find out the doctor that signed all my forms (not the one I had my physical with) did adopt from Korea and he told the lady I was working with to get all right forms that he understood all the frustration with the paperwork. That made me feel a little better. I was starting to think they might not let me come back with the hassle I've given them.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Expenses to Date

I totaled up the amounts we have spent so far. However, I don't have the small fees like photocopying or amounts we have spent on supplies like envelopes, paper, and fax machine. With the exception of these, we have spent now $5589.68 towards the adoption.

Timeline to Date

This is our timeline to date....

4/25 Application to HFS
5/3 Approved by HFS
5/5 Application to Nathanson Adoption Services (Homestudy agency)
5/12 Mailed I-600A
5/16 Applied for passports
5/15 1st homestudy
5/17 2nd homestudy
5/18 Received dossier consultant assignment
5/18 I-600A filing date
5/22 3rd homestudy
5/23 Received dossier guide
5/24 Applied for passports
5/24 4th homestudy

Changes to draft and finance statement

I typed up our changes to our home study draft. Some of the errors were dates, dollar amounts for salary, name changes, employer name and phone change for Tony, and a few other minor details.

Our finance has to be retyped. Unfortunately they sent this statement to us in a pdf format and it can not be saved so if I type up again and it has to be changed yet again, I'll have to keep retyping. This is frustrating. I've emailed the HFS yahoo group to see if there's another format of this statement that I can use. It has to be exactly written as provided to us.

Books and Movie

I received this weekend two children books that are adorable. One is titled "Shaoey and Dot" by Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman. It's about a lady bug that follows the journey of a little Chinese girl through her adoption process. The other is "I love you like Crazy Cakes". It's a story of a mother telling her little girl about her adoption.

I also ordered this weekend a copy for myself of the National Geographic China's Lost Girls. If any of my local readers want to see this, let me know. I should have it in about a week.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Self Defense cont...

Someone just doesn't want to admit that he DOES like the kitten. The name came up b/c I said to Tony after calling our cat Rogue after X-Men (that name definitely wasn't from me) that I was surprised he didn't chose a Star Wars name like Leia and then he told me the spelling of Leia and we all settled for that, except Logan. He still wants to call her "Kitty".

Self Defense

I just saw Melissa's post from a few days ago where she mentions our cat being named Leia, and says "Can you tell a Star Wars fan lives here?"

In my own defense, I'd like to say that it was Melissa, not I that suggested the name. Yeah, I'm guilty as charged on the Star Wars fan bit, but not the naming of the cat!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Draft of Home Study - It's HERE

I got it today in the mail. The letter attached said a copy of this was signed and notarized and sent to CIS. I guess they don't need a perfect copy. I'm glad they finally have a copy so that means we a little closer to getting our I-171H. I hope to soon hear from them on when our fingerprinting appt will be.

I noticed a few errors and we'll get those fixed. It didn't mention all my siblings. I'm wondering if I confused the social worker or maybe she didn't think it was necessary to add all of that. We get one chance to make changes for free and then after that it is $50 each time they printed a changed copy and notarize.

It was nice to see the words "we recommend this family to adopt from China." Overall, I think we actually look good on paper. I was worried at the interviews.

I also took the medical forms to the dr's office this morning. Logan said Leia had to ride with us. I think he thought she was going to the doctor b/c he said she needed a checkup. Our spoiled cat is now taking small trips in the van now. Logan said "Daddy's going to get us." :)

Reply back from DC

I just got this emailed back to me about 1 1/2 hours ago.

1. Application Letter

Title it Application Letter at the top
the rest looks good

2. medicals

william: They really need to redo the form and leave off the explanation to the side. This should only be explained in the letter. I will attach a new form to get filled out.

melissa: Same with your form: The CCAA does not like any written explanations on these forms. They find it difficult to interpret and read. Anything should just be discussed in the letter.

the letters themselves look ok, it is just the forms that are too filled with info.

3. Financial:

I am also going to attach another form for you. You do not have Total Assets figured or total liabilities.

Please resend the letter and financial and medicals for review. Thanks, Kim

I've added the title now to the letter and emailed it back.

I printed this note and more medical forms plus the notary info to take to the dr's office tomorrow. This will only be the THIRD time it is filled out now. Two places on our forms had extra notes written on them. These have to be removed now and explained in explanation letters separate from Medical form.

I tried to pull up our financial statement I sent our DC and couldn't pull it up off my pc. I didn't make copies since I had it saved it, so I thought. I emailed our DC to ask her to fax it back to me.

After looking at the application letter again, I realized I had Tony's new job title listed differently than what his employment letter says. When I went to pull his employment letter I didn't have the right copy. I had a copy of the first letter that didn't have enough information on it. I forgot to make a copy of the original of the 2nd letter that was notarized and sent it to TX. (AGH!!) I've asked for the originals back which I think I'll get anyway before I make the trip to Raleigh for authentication.

I also had to order more FedEx labels b/c the ones I sent our DC did not have the bill to account number on it (which is our acct number).

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Drafts of Medical Forms

These were just sent to me via fax. I faxed copies to our DC. I sure hope these pass. If she says this is okay, I'll call the dr's office back and give them the okay to sign and notarize.

Harrah's T's

We received our Harrah's T-shirts today in the mail. They are black with red and white writing. Where the pocket would typically be on a shirt it has a Chinese symbol. I'm going to have to find out what that is. It's in white and written over it is Harrah's Adoption International Mission. I'll have to find out what that symbol means before I wear it in case I get asked.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

More on Medical Forms

Instead of waiting forever for the dr's office to finish our medical forms, I called them up to ask if I could help. I typed everything out that was needed and took them a disk with mine and Tony's information on it. All they need to do is verify it, print on letter head and get the dr to sign it. The dr is out of the office until Monday so it will at least take until then to get everything back.

What's Leaving Today by FedEx

I'm sending out today by FedEx to our dossier consultant for review...

Criminal Record reports - original copy
Birth Certificates
Marriage License
Tony's employment letter - original copy
Rough drafts of Financial Statement and Applicatin to CCAA
Our 2x2 photos - 2 of each
Close up photo of me and Tony
Home photos
4 Family Life photos all taped to 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper
TB Tests
FedEx labels

I'm including a check for $392 for verfication and authentification fees (not for the state though b/c I'm doing this myself).

I called our dr's office and was told it's going to take them a while to type all of this information up that HFS wants documented about our medicines and surgeries. Hopefully next week I'll get those forms and can get them notarized.

My unemployement statement was okay but it is not notarized. I'm going to wait until I have several things to get notarized before taking this form.

I also filled out a G-1 form but not sure if I did this correctly so I am including this in the packet going out to verify. I'm not even sure what this is for right now.