Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love 'um when they sleep

Today has been a no nap day. I hate those days. Why can't they sleep like the days when they were babies? Tony and I disagree over what stage is harder. I think NOW is definitely the toughest. Give me sleep deprivation and milk engorgement over yelling, temper tantrums, fighting, and destruction any day. I miss these days of a few naps a day. Giving up naps is not gonna work for me.

What is Wrong with My Kids?

It amazes me everyday how much trouble three minds can get into. Today's disaster is another one worth blogging. There's disasters every day but today's is a biggie.

This all happened before Logan got on the school bus. I'm yelling up the stairs for him to get his butt downstairs and get his shoes on and he's yelling back he wants to play in his room with legos and is not going to school. This goes on and on. I was sitting in a chair with Andrew when I heard "Plop, bump, boom, crash". It was a unicorn music box that I had when I was young that I had been keeping on Madelyn's chest of drawers. Nate had managed to pull the kids steps we use in the upstairs bathroom to Madelyn's room. They were out in the hall b/c I had moved them there to make room in the bathroom for some reason a few days ago. He used the stairs to reach onto her furniture to get the unicorn. I don't know what exactly took place between pulling that own and the time it went down the stairs but I remember a little whining from Madelyn. That's very normal of her. I just assumed she was upset b/c Nate had her unicorn.

I get up and chase Nate down and find he's put the unicorn back on her chest of drawers. I passed Madelyn on the stairs never paying attention to her or what was wrong. Logan later comes down the stairs and with no emotion just says "what's all this red stuff?" In this house that could mean many things so I didn't pay it no attention. I could have been crunched up fruit loops - who knows?

I finally get Logan off to the bus and Nate is saying "Madelyn got boo-boo." She is sitting in the reclincer with blood all over her foot. As it turns out the horn on the unicorn broke off and must have cut her foot. It looks like a deep cat scratch from the toes towards the heal of the foot. The red stuf on the stairs was blood. She traced it from about the 2nd step down, every step all the way down from there and a path to the recliner. There was blood all over the recliner and her pants. He butt was covered in blood where she must have scooted down the stairs in all that blood. She never, ever said a word to me. I had no idea she was hurt. She whines if barely touched sometimes but yet shows no emotion when she is really hurt. Makes no sense.

So, my morning has been spent spot cleaning carpet, playing doctor on a foot, and trying not to lose what little sanity I have left. How's your Tuesday?

Monday, January 26, 2009

First Pine Wood Derby

Logan's first Pine Wood Derby car wasn't a winner in any of the 6 rounds but he still had a lot of fun. He was exhausted before the races were over and ready to go home but he made it through. We know more of what to expect next year and how to make a better car. Maybe Tony and Logan will be experts in making FAST cars by the time Andrew and Nate are in Cub Scouts.
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Picky Madelyn

Madelyn and I went to The Children's Place Saturday and she HAD to have this. I also learned she is more of an accessories girl. She wanted a Hat, all the shoes, gloves, socks, etc. I did buy her a hat b/c she really insisted on it.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leave it to Andrew to hit the slide first to clear the snow off.
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Logan wasn't very successful at pulling the sled far. I give him credit for trying.
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What Little Bit of Snow We Got

This is more than we've had in a long time but not much. It was enough to cancel school. I was too sick to really enjoy it but I did dress the kids and let the youngest three experience snow for the first time. They were definitely excited about it but ready to come back inside in about 10-15 minutes. I had gone out in my PJ's and a long coat trying to take pictures and video tape it while sneezing and coughing continously. When they all came in, everyone of them hacked up a lung or two, sneezed, and in the end I had about another two loads of wet laundry to add to my already mountain high pile of dirty clothes.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Modeling New Christmas Coats

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I think we have a daughter under this Helmet

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Together Forever

Nate has told us several times that he sleeps in Andrew's bed and I caught it tonight. Andrew went to sleep first. He's running a fever tonight and fell asleep before we even had time for bedtime prayers. Nate was in his bed and I told him to leave Andrew alone. Obviously that didn't work. He had to be near his brother. Looks like he took his covers off of him too.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Transition from Terrible Two's to Terrible Three's is TERRIBLE

My blogging time just doesn't exist anymore. I don't even get a chance to sit at a desk anymore. Logan has pretty much taken over my computer when he's home and the other three don't allow me to sneak away during the day or even sit with my little Asus and check email anymore.

Today is a day though that I needed to find blogging time to share about how bad my morning was. Nate, Andrew and Madelyn need a team name that's for sure b/c together they can get into so much trouble.

The school bus was late this morning. Long story short there, it never showed up after school started. I was in and out of the house watching Logan at the stop about 5 houses up to make sure he's safe. Meanwhile the other three are running around the house like wild animals like always. I didn't realize they were up to something upstairs.

Usually the only two rooms with doors open upstairs are the twins room and Madelyn's room. Everything else is shut b/c it's not toddler proof. However; the bathroom was left open. I didn't know this. All during that time I was in and out the door watching for the school bus and calling the school, they were running in and out of the bathroom.

When Logan finally got onto the bus, I came inside to find Nate and Andrew with toothpaste on the hands and faces. No big deal. I just assumed they probably did get into that bathroom upstairs and tried to get some toothpaste out themselves. Andrew's shirt was a little wet, not soaked, but I changed him anyway and since I was changing him I went ahead and switched over laundry and sat down to fold it. I gathered up a load to go upstairs and that's when I passed by the open bathroom.

It was flooded!!!!! They had stopped up the sink and turned on the water. Not only that, toothpaste was in many places including all in the bathtub. Toothbrushes were laying on top of the toilet lid and they were wet. I was furious. I had steam coming out of my ears. I ran back downstairs and grabbed towels to soak up the floor first. I tossed all of the toothbrushes in the trash. I had to throw away a few other things that had been laying on the counter soaked and ruin now. I was so mad at those three. I also discovered there was pee in the little potty Madelyn uses so I guess she did that while the boys were eating toothpaste.

They ruined my entire day. I'm still made about the bus issues and the destroyed bathroom. Some parents say three's are worse than two's and I think I'm getting both of those years combined into one times three kids.